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Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Carr01, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Has anyone fitted GPS to their bikes.
    I’m left with a Tom Tom Go after selling the multi.
    It uses a ball type fitting that was secured to the handle bar clamp.

    Struggling to find a fix and space.
    (1997 900ss)
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  2. Not sure about the Supersport but it sounds like you already have one half of a RAM mount (the ball type fitting you mention). Assuming that this is a RAM-B type (1" diameter ball) and you have an 8mm thread somewhere in your line of sight (frequently handlebar top yoke clamp, I don't know the bike) you can use something like this. You'll also need a BAM-B arm, various lengths to choose from; short, medium or long.

    If there isn't an 8mm thread then there are numerous other options for your base mount on the RAM website.
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  4. RAM do an M10 ball too, regular or fine thread. However, as it's the bar clamp you'll need the longer bolts that Derek has linked to above. Don't think RAM themselves do an M10 option like that.

    If you use a tank-bag mounting on the top yoke might be problematic, check all clearances lock to lock with your bag fitted.
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  5. Mounting aside, would anyone know what inline fuse would be needed to protect the wiring and GPS?
  6. This will last well :):upyeah:

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  7. I use a small TomTom and stick it onto the speedo glass with it’s integral suction cup, I don’t use an external 12v supply just relying on the TomTom battery as I only put the TomTom in place when I’m approx and hour from the destination, it’s never fallen off but I do attach a short lanyard between the satnav and bike just in case, on other bikes where I do have a 12v feed for the satnav I have a 1amp fuse in line.
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  8. Thanks, that’s not a bad idea, and a very simple one at that!
  9. Pull the end plug out of the inner end of the clip-on (which ever one you want to use).

    Either make a bracket or use one that is suitable and fit it to the clip-on with an expanding fixing....could be a big well nut or a metal one like what some bar ends have.
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  10. Do you really need a bespoke gps unit? Get a Quadlock case for your smart phone and use Waze, Google Maps etc.

  11. Forgot to mention this is an IPhone 8 max and the Quadlock mount is a handlebar/stem mount. With a smaller phone you could mount it either portrait or landscape as the fitting of the phone to the mount only involves gently pushing it down on the mount and twisting it through 45 degrees. At the moment I have the mount secured with tie wraps but am considering drilling the top yolk and tapping for an M5. I also had to cut the top off of the ignition key which I had cut because it fouled the underside of the phone case.

  12. 81CD5DB3-9A2D-4B5F-90E0-CDA6D3CBCDF5.jpeg
    Problem solved.
    Wired from the battery and sits very comfortably behind the screen, just blocking the idiot lights!
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  13. Neat!
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  14. Good install :upyeah:
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  15. Clever, I like that:upyeah:
  16. Well, if I had known you wanted to use a bloody exhaust clamp, I have loads of old rusty ones......;)
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