Featured Greetings From Saudi Arabia!

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Andrew Fillingham, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. I'm definitely a newbie as this is my first Ducati, even though I have ridden a few in the past. I'm a Brit ex-pat working out here, luckily I live one hour from Bahrain. There are plenty of fellow riders there, a Ducati dealership and the Bahrain International circuit. It's cooling down here and the season is about to start. The photos are from a test ride last season, the bike is still evolving! Looking forward to riding my very special 1299 Panigale! Test ride (5).jpg Test ride (6).jpg
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  2. Welcome Saudi Al - how's it handle on the dusty roads? :motorcycleduc: :eyes:
  3. welcome Dave
  4. Fine on the test ride, I just rode to the conditions. The roads in Bahrain are better. Then there's the circuit. I'll find out and let you all know
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  5. Welcome desert storm
  6. Greetings, Andrew Arabia

    At least the Pani won't rust!

    Don't use the Saudi-Bahrain road on Fridays or Saturdays. You know why.
  7. With all that humidity??
  8. The fine layer of sand will protect it from humidity. Even Bahrain humidity : o )
  9. The good weather is coming, the humidity is decreasing! Can't do much about the roads though!
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  10. You're probably correct, one quick sandstorm and it will be submerged :D
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  11. Welcome along
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  12. Welcome Dave of Arabia
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  13. Actually my middle name is David! Normally I'm called Andy. But then with my resemblance to Rodney in only Fools And Horses means that I'm called Dave too!
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  14. Welcome to the man that blew in from the wind.:upyeah:
  15. Welcome, it's a long time since I was in Saudi, I mainly delivered to Kewait but also Riyadh and occasionally Doha Qatar.
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  16. Ta. Cool avatar & name.
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  17. Andy,Many thanks & enjoy that there motorcycle of yours:upyeah:,also pictures of some fancy tall buildings/landscapes etc if you get the chance/time.Cheers
  18. welcome andrew'
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  19. Welcome - lovely bike

    What is the world coming to, when they let women drive ???

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  20. Welcome to the Forum Andy; it must get might hot in leathers out there. Especially if near an Aramco oil refinery
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