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Greetings From The South Island (aka Isle Of Wight)

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Chasb, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Hi All

    Happy owner of a Diavel 1260S that I picked up 2 days before Lockdown hit...

    Apart from a couple of 'vital' trips to the butchers, it's only been the past couple of months that I've been able use it properly & it's now nicely loosening up with 3k on the clock.

    I've got a BMW R1200GS for my regular commuting/touring, so this is very much my weekender!


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  2. Hello :upyeah:.Very nice choice, i'm in Southampton so can see you isle of wight lot across the water!:grinning:
  3. argh yes one of those tax-havens..

    welcome chas, you could of course throw a fiver in the kitty too subscribe proving your not stingy.
  4. Welcome on board!

    Three thousand miles is how many laps of the island?

    Keep an eye out for @portboy. He's from those parts, but now pretends to be Welsh.
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  5. Welcome aboard.

    So you must report on the new race track on IOW, maybe a video of a lap at full speed?
  6. Welcome to the forum
  7. Ah, must admit I've been onto the mainland with it commuting a couple of weeks - work in Milton Keynes, so easy to stick 600 miles on in a week without much trouble
  8. Welcome to the gang.

    Nice place to live but a weird vibe. I was at Cowes Sailing Week last year and met ole’ boldy William and the lovely Kate. First time and the last.

    Enjoy the weather.
  9. They've done a lap sticking to the speed limits -

    I knew this was happening (have ridden the route numerous times), but you'd need balls the size of melons to do racing speeds down the smaller lanes :astonished:
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  10. Yeah, I know what you mean about the vibe - I do everything I can to avoid the red trouser brigade but it's a lovely place to live (until you get too old & have to rely on the NHS, at least).
  11. Welcome and enjoy
  12. Welcome Chas , lovely photo of the Duke parked up on the layby carpark by the Old Nunnery, with Carisbrooke Castle there as a back drop. Newport born and bred thus Portboy.
  13. Great photography with the black & white frame,welcome.:upyeah:
  14. The people who are there for Cowes Week are the ones that create the weird vibe methinks? The island & islanders are of course a bit strange (islanders, what can I say) but in an endearing kinda way in my experience.
  15. Greetings Chasb! I hope you are spanking the Diavel on the Military Rd on occasion?
  16. Absolutely spot on
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  17. Welcome dude
  18. Hi and welcome. Any Chas on a Duke is fine by me.
  19. Welcome to the Forum Chas:upyeah:
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