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Discussion in 'Touring' started by Siddo, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Guys, for those who have ridden the 107, please can you advise if you can ride from Lienz in Austria to Berchtesgarten in Germany? Looking on Google maps it shows you can't. Isn't there a tunnel through the mountain?
  2. Theres lots of different routes. Use google directions to show the options? Its about 2 to 2.30 hours ride I think.
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  3. The 107 goes between Lienz and Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße. It goes over the Großglockner pass which is open May to November and is a toll road. The road is closed at night during the open season.

    Google Maps shows the road as impassable at present because it is closed. That is the joy of using a dynamic map to plan a future route.
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  4. Yes, done the 107 in 2017.
    Google maps probably shows it as closed, due to time of year, snow etc.
    Don't miss the very small biker display at the top of the car park. (access up cobbled road)
    Also a small detour as you drop down on the south side, a turn off right (as I remember you would need to check)will take you to a glacier and visitor centre. A good food stop.
  5. Did the pass a couple of years ago but can’t remember exact route there and road numbers. However we did end up at a dead end where you have to take a train through the mountain. Similar process to the channel but the wagons, is that the correct term, are not enclosed where you leave your bike whilst everyone goes to a passenger carriage.

    Short answer is yes there is a train
  6. Yep. Done it 2 up with our Bek (daughter #3) the other way round. As said, it's not open all year. Berchtesgarten.JPG Grosse-Glockner.JPG
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  7. I think that you are referring to the train between Bröckstein and Mallnitz which is about 15 miles east of the Großglockner pass.
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  8. Also the 108 to Mittersill and then North at Zell am See . Or east along the 100 and up the A10 to "Berts Garden "
  9. Thanks men. I was hoping that was the case.

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