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Gumtree Bikes

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Chris, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Well done, sold at last, Cat D has never put me off, buyer got a bargain by the looks.
  2. Sorry El Toro very rude of me i know, but as you have probably gathered i have signed up basically to offer up the 916 to members, thanks for warm welcome though. Tony
  3. Ah well.......to be able to sell something you need to be a member.

    This was introduced to stop people just joining to sell things and then disappearing and not contributing to the forum.

    There's no pressure to subscribe but if you want to sell on the forum then you'll have to........and it's only £5 for 12 months. Plus you can get to join in with all the banter etc :)


    I hope that you see the benefit of being a subscriber :)
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  4. Sorry @Rob @El Toro - I started this thread purely to draw attention to/possibly help people find a bargain Ducati but i see people are now using it just to join up and sell bikes on without subscribing which is a stipulation that Rob has made. Please feel free to close the thread or modify the title to make it clear to all posters.
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  5. Thanks Chris, however if this type of poster/post are highlighted to me then I can hide them, advise the poster of our policy and take it from there.
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  6. Apologies again in my haste i never read the intro stuff.
    Again sorry lads, my intentions were honorable but i see forum politics have taken over the true meaning of being a motorcycling enthusiast with the filthy lucre coming into issue.
    I feel we have missed a trick here don't you ? Helping one another out with anything Ducati should be this forum's priority, oh well i will withdraw my membership, keep the 916 and all her parts and just enjoy the beauty of this magnificent marque. Can't be doing with bureaucracy at my time of life
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  7. And the site is hosted by the pixies and fairies for free. Hurrah!
  8. I knew you were a pixie :eek:
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  9. in any port there is a storm:splat:
  10. y'know, I just didn't see that post coming :thinkingface:
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  11. Chris,Don't beat yourself up over this one:upyeah:
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  12. I think the forum helps a lot of people resolve problems with their bikes, it's social too and a good online community. If you can"t make a £5 donation to help people keep it going out of several thousand pounds bike sale, perhaps it's you that's missed a trick?
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  13. I bet you don't live at the bottom of the garden.:upyeah:
  14. Maybe he lives at the bottom of a lady garden? (you know, he's an arsehole) ;)
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  15. I have switched off my TRUMP mode, paid my subs and am looking forward too the banter.
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  16. Well I did change it from Fairy to suit your expectations Chris :innocent:
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