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Gumtree Bikes

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Chris, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. shocking it ran that long lol still looks not bad nick at that price
  2. Looks like the bandits are working gumtree as well as e bay? My son was very close to losing ALL his hard earned savings! God knows why but he fancies a 2005/6 Mazda MX5 for a bit of summer fun and maybe a bit of a road trip to France with his girlfriend and although hid dad (me!) is a 42 years served car dealer he wanted to find a nice car himself and negotiate the deal (plus he knows I will take the piss about the hairdressers car!).Anyway he found himself a nice low mileage,tidy example at a great price? Thank god his girlfriend told him to run it by his old fart of a dad before he handed over his life's savings tomorrow morning!The advert was just a bit too slick for a private punter,the car was valeted within an inch of its life and was about £6/900 too cheap for a low miler? Yes,you guessed it - a 5 owner CAT D write off! And the seller was as "private" as a public toilet! Close shave!!!
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  3. oh,
  4. He sells kits to covert SS and monsters to lookalikees. Way to go cream, build one to your own spec.
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  5. Had another look at the advert. When you look again you can spot it, but i think the advert is misleading.
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