1200 DVT Hacksaw To The Butterfly

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Wayne58, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Now I've decided not to buy the 1260, I may well put the full Arrow system or similar on it ? Will keep you posted :upyeah:
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  2. PS, Gareth, what you putting in its place mate??
  3. I had the Termi system off Tobbers.
    Riders are servicing my bike (hopefully) while I'm away, and I asked them to fit it, I thought I'd let them snap the bolts :worried:
    Fingers crossed its not to loud with the baffle in, Tobbers said its fruitier but not to loud (he applied the in the morning neighbors test), I'm hoping he's not deafer than I am ;)
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  4. Not that loud with the baffle in. Just higher frequency sound. With baffle out they are very deep. Often go out early morning now on mine but with termi upmap you can just let the clutch out & creep away through the gears.

  5. Is the creeping away with the baffle in or out Steve ?
  6. Still think of this whenever I see the thread title come up :D
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  7. I've got nothing to add to this thread other than I think "Hacksaw to the Butterfly" would be a fantastic name for a band or an album :)

    I'm hoping a major global rock band do exactly that, cause then they'll be chatting to my lawyer !! :D:upyeah:
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  8. Common then let's start one, I'm up for it......... Axe Wayne58 on guitar, Broke on spoons ?
    That only leaves a drummer, keyboard player and a bassist and were away. Start writing Wayne :)
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  9. Broke on spoons made me spill tea......:joy::D
  10. What!............you ain't heard heavy metal spoons, you ain't lived man :punch:
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  11. Rock N Roll dude!! :D
  12. As long as you don't confuse it with spooning, could cause all kinds of issues.
  13. I'm easy :rolleyes:
  14. Tell us something we didn't know.....:D
  15. At your erm........ Advancing years, will you hear it anyway? You could put one of them Austin Racing straight through jobbies on and not even notice :p:cool:
  16. True, true...............harsh, but true.....:(
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