1200 DVT Handlebars Up A Bit.

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Yoozy, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Not a problem with Ducati tourtech risers
  2. Have you tried rotating the bars up a bit first ?

  3. Just bought some of these off a forum member who kindly pm’d me. Should be just the job. Nice and easy. Unobtrusive and will give me the 20mm I reckon I need. :upyeah:
  4. Those worked for me:upyeah:
  5. Was in Ducati today and although I never measured the enduro bars I'd say they were at least 1.1/2” taller.
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  6. So, who’s going to try this first....
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  7. The Enduro ones are higher, that kit also works to lower those!
  8. Any issues with cabling?
  9. None at all
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  10. Off topic, but I got a 950 loner. Its oreet a spose, bit underpowered obvs compared to the 1200dvt, a tad aggricultural and slightly budgety bike feel to it, again compared to the dvt. But eee by gum it don't half go round bends well, a nice and light feel to it and I reckon the seat is better.
    I reckon if it was anyones first Ducati they'd be pretty chuffed with it for the money.
  11. Weird, I had mine in for a service yesterday and had a 950 MTS loaner too.

    Exactly the same thoughts, a bit basic and started running out of steam over 110mph*, but handled beautifully.

    I'm tempted to call it a nice little bike but it's 950cc!

    * closed roads......