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Handy Cross Reference

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Andii77, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. If, like me, you are having trouble sourcing parts (seal kits) for the rear caliper on 900ss, Monster 900, Monster 750 et al, then this might be of use, a little cross reference chart for clutch and brake serials.....

    i know the Monster 750 has a P32 F rear caliper and i have sourced a seal kit for a 32mm caliper P05 KIT from MDINA ITALIA, if im right this caliper was used on many models, what i'm wondering is there any difference in the seals between various models of 32mm caliper? P32 F / P32 G etc........

    i will find out tomorrow if the seals are a good fit, i know of powerhouse but they are all sold out on rears at the minute and both my front and rear seized up on me in town the other day.....and trying to find seals for a 750 Monster is near impossible.......but through cross referencing i think i've found a set....

    here's the link to the cross reference chart,

    i found it after trawling the web and many many forums for various marques looking for info on the common P2.105N caliper......

    another handy link


    this site lists what models each part was found on once you open up particular parts...
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  2. KTM dealers do Brembo parts, if you can work out what fits your Ducati
  3. I got some Brembo parts from Gutzibits, may also be an option?
  4. so the kit for P05 is not an exact fit, the main seals fit the P32f as does the joint seal but the thinner seals (dust seals?) do not as these are a completely different design, not too bad an issue if the dust seals can are ok to re-use.
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