Happy Birthday To Me.

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    Well it's not actually my Birthday but I did treat myself.

    I have just bought my first ever top drawer helmet.

    An Arai Chaser X. I think the style is called Finish red.

    It suits the bike nicely.

    While I was in the shop I also somehow managed to talk myself into a new pair of Alpinestars SMX Plus boots. So much more comfortable compared than my RSTs.
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  2. Happy Non-Birthday!

    Happiness is a decent helmet.
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  3. Happy Helmet day:p:upyeah:
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  4. I thought New Curtains until the 3rd picture :rolleyes:
  5. Really? Says the man with THAT carpet....o_O
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  6. Yes. I was seriously thinking about replacing it recently, but hey oh, I bought another Ducati :yum
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  7. The carpet is only there to soak up any oil anyway!
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  8. I don't have any on the carpet :eek: it's far too gaudy for the tyres :bucktooth:
  9. Hey, hey heyyyyyy, it's fashionable in the Czech republic and that's all that matters :D
  10. It ain't anymore, but she still vacuums it when she visits o_O
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  11. Always really jealous of those of you that can keep your steeds indoors but I can’t use that oil & screw/nut stained picture to try & change her mind
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