Happy ! Enjoy Pics

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Just James, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween from Southern California!



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  2. Feliz día de los Muertos
  3. Hello and welcome, nice bike. :)
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  4. Welcome :scream:
  5. welcome - whereabouts in SoCal?
  6. Welcome and enjoy.
  7. Welcome Mr Pumpkin;):upyeah:
  8. Love the pumpkin I will forget the trash cans
    Welcome into the mad house :)
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  9. Welcome Dave
  10. welcome just hames, front page for a bit of dremeling of a pumpkin!!!!!1

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  11. Welcome JH and the pumpkin’s ‘awesome’ as you Yanks might say. On this side of the Atlantic we’re more likely to say ‘that’s nice’ :)
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  12. Orange County - Anaheim Hills
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  13. Great climate and near the coast (plus the crowds of Disney :()

    My wife's maiden name is Fullerton, so had to visit there a few years ago and was very impressed !!
  14. Thx!
  15. I'm glad you enjoyed it! As for Disneyland, I hear you.. I went to college in Fullerton @ Cal State Fullerton, "Go Titans!" Make it a great day friend!
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  16. Any parallels with silverton, is Fullerton known for being Full/ Fuller?
    Like Silverton is known for its famous Gold mines.
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  17. Nope - Silverton is up the million dollar highway at high altitude (9000ft +) , whilst Fullerton is pretty close to sea level and a bit more "up to date"
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  18. Thank you! Mad house huh - I'm home! LOL
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