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1200 R Has Anyone Changed Their Gearing?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Richard Oldfield, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. I've only had a couple of rides on the 1200R but have yet to find a need for 6th. My Aprilia RSV1000R was the same so I added 2 extra teeth to rear, & maybe one less on the front. Chain adjustment took up the difference without splitting it.

    Has anyone re geared their 1200R?
  2. Hi @Richard Oldfield
    Yes. A few have changed the gearing on the M1200 with positive results.
    FYI, I have changed the gearing on my Panigale (-1F) and my newer 1260 Multistrada (+2R) immediately at the first 600 miles service.
    Could not stand the long typical Ducati gearing, especially for that bike.

    For my Monster 1200R, I have ordered a 43T sprocket (+2R) but have yet to receive it.
    It will have to wait for the spring as I have now winterized it. I'll only be riding the Multi for the rest of the season.
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  3. What pitch chain does my 2016 1200 mile R have? manual states Type: 520 VF.

    I've found a 14t front (JT 525 pitch) & 43t rear (Esjot 525P) on ebay, but for 525 pitch chain.

    The Renthal site states;
    The above suggests to me that Renthal believe the standard is 525.
  4. Renthal is correct. The Monster 1200 STD chain and sprocket width is 525.
    If your manual state 520 then it's a misprint.
    It should also be stamped on both the chain and sprocket. Pitch is 0.625" (15.88mm).
    BTW, pitch and roller diameter are the same regardless of whether it's a 520, 525, 530. It's the width that's different.
    chain size.jpeg
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  5. Thanks, just check & the roller width is 7.85mm so a 525.
    I'll get the sprockets ordered, and a socket for the nuts.
  6. A UK supplier wasn't happy to supply a Daivel 43t sprocket as they have a slightly different offset.
    I was quoted £150 for a 42t SuperSprox but wont be spending that much to go up 1t.
    I will probably just go with the cheap 14t front.
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  7. Im ready to call BS on that ducati dealers comment about the offset. The Superlite kit i purchased has the same part number. BTW, -1F=+3R
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  8. It wasn't a Ducati dealer, it was an independent sprocket supplier.
  9. @Richard Oldfield
    You got me rattled but I would rather be sure than sorry.
    I have since contacted my accessory dealer for clarification and you are correct.
    I have changed my carrier for the appropriate one for the Monster which incidentally is the same as the Panigale.
    Thanks you very much for that info.
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  10. Just eliminate any doubt or the need for clarification and find a need to regularly use that 6th gear :upyeah::p
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  11. Just received the right parts for the Monster: Superlite PCD-4 Quick change carrier with Superlite 50803-43 steel sprocket.
    Looking forward to testing this new combo in the spring.
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  12. You need a carrier for the sprocket linked in your post. The sprocket fits the brand of carrier.
    OEM does not have a carrier. It's a sprocket/carrier in one piece.
    Yes, a separate Quick Change carrier plus a sprocket is initially more expensive.
    However, the next sprocket (as your link shows) is very inexpensive relative to a new one-piece sprocket / carrier combined.
    And now, you can up/down a tooth or two in minutes.
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  13. Oh, I see!!
    I'm struggling to find similar in the UK so I've emailed Bayside for a quote.
  14. @DarR
    I emailed a UK dealer who have been helpful before to see what they could offer in terms of a 43t rear sprocket - I got this reply & thought you better be aware.

    .........Other considerations to bear in mind though is that, you may need a
    longer chain, not only to account for the bigger rear sprocket but also
    to position the rear hub far enough back in the swingarm so that the
    sprocket doesn't catch the swingarm curve on it's front edge. This
    happens on Panigale when a larger rear sprocket is used.

    In all honesty, the 14T is a significant change on a bike with the 1200R
    grunt. The bikes aren't as over geared as they used to be. I'd try that
    first if it were me.
  15. Finally got the new sprocket set and chain installed.
    As per all other Ducati's owned where the gearing was too tall, the Monster 1200R was as well.
    15/43 (+2R) is a must do should you feel your chain and sprockets are getting up there in mileage.
    I'm very pleased with the change.
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  16. Maybe it is easier at first as the dealer says to experiment with different front sprockets. Once you have one you like, then personally And if possible I would go back to standard front sprocket and change the rear for the nearest equivalent gearing. Changing the rear is far kinder to the engine/gearbox than changing the front. Also have a look at the gearingcommander website. Lots of useful info including chain lengths for different sprocket combos.
  17. Not a 1200R but fitted a 43T to my 1200, same issue no real need for 6th gear when being legal.
    Fitted no problem, used a JT Adaptor and sprocket, the chain did not need splitting and tensioned ok.
    Makes a bit of difference, but in reality would have gone for a 45T if it was available.
    I am reluctant to drop the front to 14t, as only solid sprockets are available, not the cushioned type.
    And additional stress on the sprocket / chain.
    Hope this helps
  18. What length chain did you get ? I’m thinking of going to 43T rear without the CC carrier . Would the OEM chain still fit ?
  19. You will need a longer chain. I purchased a 120 links and was shortened to fit.
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