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Icon Have You Done 10k Miles On Your Scrambler Yet?

Discussion in 'Scrambler' started by Mark9, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. If you’ve done 10k miles on your scrambler, or are approaching that mileage, (or have done more of course) I have some shocking news for you!, but first let’s hear who’s actually been riding theirs...
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  2. Ahh come on man, the suspense is killing us here.
  3. 86999BDD-B78C-479E-8952-943EAECEF8C5.png Blimey Chizel must have a cast iron ass!, but that aside this isn’t a “look how great I am I’ve done lots of miles on a motorcycle “ thread, although for the record I’ve done 10,200 on the scrambler in three years and I have 5 other bikes, all used regularly, so there!, nope it’s a warning thread.
    On Sunday morning I was returning home about a mile to go and I felt a high frequency vibration in the left foot peg, lasted a few seconds, felt like engine vibes not particularly alarming, got home, aluminium filings on my chain, WTF?, then saw the chain had contacted the swing arm, took the sprocket cover off and saw the chain had also contacted the foot peg bracket, WT....WTF?, I pushed the sprocket and it slid down the drive shaft, why?, because the sprocket retaining plate had worn and wasn’t doing any more retaining!, now I had unfortunately never chanced upon a thread about this fault (but have now found lots of em), or ever heard this problem mentioned, but there you go, found out the hard way, so if you’re Ducati has this retaining system (900ss for example) check the plate for wear , I’d check even if your bikes only done 3k miles TBH, so new retaining plate in the post, plus new chain, claim put in to Ducati (with not much hope of a positive response), here’s a photo I pinched from another thread that shows what happens to the
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  4. its was 5020 in 6 weeks but yes my arse hurt... thanks for sharing, i will give mine a looking at.. recently done chain and sprocks on my 21 yr old ss and all looked ok there.. might have another look now anyway! and on the others.. a few mins for piece of mind..
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  5. Same here, will give it a cost of looking at once it’s back from tank repairs.
    By the way as your SS is around the same age how’s it going for rust spots on the tank?
  6. no rust to mention at all.. on the outside at least!! i have a nice spare on the shelf but hopefully it can stay there!
  7. Oh you might be useful to know!
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  8. He’s not. :)
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  9. only if you like pics of ss tanks!
  10. You dirty old man!

    Of course I do!
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  11. thats the way i like it... otherwise you just get "mates" asking for shit....
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  12. i had to get rid of my van years back coz i was sick of mates asking me to help em out... ive since got a new van and got rid of the mates...
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  13. See, no wear at all on mine:D
  14. Didn't need changing really :thinkingface:
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  15. I believe this to be true.
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  16. It would have been a damn sight easier to have left it in place, that’s 3 weeks of my life I won’t get back:confused:
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  17. Nor us, to be fair.
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  18. For those checking their retainer plates please report back your findings with a photo and mileage if possible, I’ve got my new plate and chain now so will fit them on Saturday and will post a photo of the old retainer when it’s off, cheers Mark.
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