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1200 DVT Heal Tec Exhaust Servo, Is It Necessary?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by jacko1, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I’m bored !, so probably like a lot of others I’ve decided to clean my bike, on my last ride out I could hear/feel some vibration, it seemed to be around the clocks/screen but couldn’t really get a definite fix on it, anyone else had this problem ?
    I’ve been looking around the bike and found something else that doesn’t make sense, there is a Healtec exhaust servo eliminator fitted, I had one fitted to my previous multistrada but I had a Mivv can fitted so it was necessary, is this necessary on a bike with what appears to be a standard exhaust?
    The bike is : 2015 Multistrada 1200s DVT.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Every chance the valve flap has been removed. Which is a good thing btw.
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  3. As the old saying goes..

    If it ain’t broke....

    Id leave it on there. It’s doing no harm and if the exhaust valve is wide open you won’t have to worry about it sticking.
  4. Hi, thanks for that, why would the valve flap be removed , I thought the eliminator was only necessary if the cat was removed
  5. Ok, thanks , as you say “ if it ain’t broke”.
  6. Your bike is older, it is possible someone took the cheap fix and removed the flap, if a subsequent new owner was unaware so fitted a healer of somekind you might have both.

    If you are bored and have time, take the can off and look at the valve area. If nothing else at least you will know one way or another
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  7. 9A8DDD30-81E2-46BB-B21F-361D23698E89.jpeg
    Should be open, like this.
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  8. These valves are a known issue. Virtually everyone has a warning light flash up at some point and it’s a sticking ex valve that causes it. There are explanations on the forum as how people overcome said issue, one being to remove the washer part of the valve, one a spring method. Another, the servo eliminator DucEE.

    They all work
  9. Ahhh I see , I used the spring method on my 2010 multi but only as I had fitted an aftermarket can, I thought that was why I was advised to do it !, thanks for all the info it’s very much appreciated.
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  10. With the exception of reducing power, one is irrespective of the other.
    In the case of the Multistrada, the valve is located in the same box as the cat but that's not the case with all bikes.
    For example, the exhaust valve on my Monster is located midway while the cat was in the tail piece.

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