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For Sale Hel Master Cylinder

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Pablo Pirate, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. Wow thats more than a brembo (on their site) are they that good?
  2. Which Brembo are you comparing against? This is fully CNC'd 19mm master cylinder allowing for finer tolerances which then relates back into the feel and braking capability - all ancillary parts are stainless. You can also flip the unit and use as a clutch master cylinder.
  3. Few more pictures.




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  4. Just generally (i was thinking rcs 19)...
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  5. Hmmmmmm very nice
  6. I did run an RCS on my track bike and it is a very good piece of kit (Apart from the bleed nipple weeping), however the HEL is better finished, finer tolerances, providing a better product. But I guess it's like most things it's personnel preference.
  7. Yeah - i can go with that....you get what yer pays for...
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  8. How do they compare performance wise to a RCS19 or Accossato?
  9. The biggest thing you notice is the feel, this provides more confidence = better braking.
    And due to the quality of the components the pressure is always constant.
  10. Would you say that the Hel is better than the rcs or accossato for performance?
  11. A hugely subjective assessment. I ran a 19/20 on a Brembo billet radial front brake m/c and found the lever had little travel and there was absolutely no transition between off and BRAKE !!!. Swapped to a 19/18 Brembo billet radial front brake m/c which gave a lot more feel and transition from applying the brake to I want braking to ffs BRAKE. There was also lot more lever movement which I found disturbing. Very tempted to try the HEL with the 19mm pivot lever. Andy
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  12. I’m tempted by the HEL but there’s not a lot of difference in price between that and the RCS or the Accossato for that matter so I’m looking for advise on which one to buy
  13. Where are you getting the Brembo RCS prices from ? Andy
  14. Can get a Brembo RCS for £212
  15. IMO, the HEL product is aimed as a direct competitor to the Brembo Corsa Corta RCS 19 (18 - 20) which I’ve not seen anywhere less than £300 so at £185, the HEL is a bargain. Andy
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  16. Can get the Corsa Corta for £280 but that’s not the point, I’m not fussed about the price I’d rather pay the extra for the better performing product but that being said, I have no issue paying less for something that’s going to work better.
    We all know that something costing more doesn’t always mean that it’s better.
    The HEL is only a bargain at £185 if it’s a better mc than the Brembo
  17. Still not seen anyone saying if the HEL is a better mc than the Brembo though
  18. The HEL is brand new to the market as is their front brake caliper. If you have time, maybe feedback will begin to filter down relatively soon. HEL have a big presence in the BSB paddock and I suspect that is the performance demands they have designed their kit for. I’ve just spunked a huge wedge on my V4 that my pension is going to struggle to afford otherwise I’d be all over this. Andy
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  19. Just realised I don’t know what you ride. I pick up that the Panigale M50 caliper has a smaller diameter piston in the m/c than the 1198/1098/848 M4 bikes that this 19mm piston m/c would be ideal for. Might take a bit of calculation or advice from someone more knowledgeable than me to advise on suitability for the 1199/1299/899/959. Andy

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