Hello And Morning All!

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  1. HI All,

    After a few years of on/off lurking around on here I thought I'd start a newbie thread to formally introduce myself to you all. I've always loved Ducatis, and I used to own an 1199 Panigale from 2013, then earlier this year traded it in for a 1299 with a Tricolore colour scheme.

    I love the 1299, a lot more refined than the 1199, but either way the Panigale to me is one of the sexiest bikes on the planet! I could sit and stare for ages!
    However, I also like getting my spanners working in my spare time, which the newer bikes don't really need. So i also decided to buy a 1098R which has been in someones living room since 2013, off road for the past 4 years. The plan for my project is to get it back to original and also back in a condition where it can ride on the road so servicing, belts, a full thorough check etc!

    Ill most likely create a full rebuild thread for the 1098R once I get started, but I'll attach some pics of the 1299 in the mean time... (sorry don't have any great ones of it at the mo except the dealer pics!!)

    Hope to speak to you guys soon!

    Sonic (aka Malik)

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
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  2. Welcome mate :cool:
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  3. And welcome to your new name too Dave
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  4. Hi,are you a hedgehog?
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  5. Welcome sonic dawg :):upyeah:
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  6. Many thanks, and haha yes I'm sure I've got one of those will put it up soon!

    Thanks guys, and thank you too Dave!

    Nah I'm just a wannabee! Would love to speed around collecting gold coins!
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  7. Nice bike, welcome to the forum. :)
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  8. Welcome to the forum ,great looking bike you have there
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  9. Many thanks guys!
  10. welcome - rebuild threads are always appreciated - even non-ducati ones :upyeah:
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  11. upload_2017-8-3_10-36-27.jpeg
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  12. Fantastic looking bike and welcome.
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  13. Many thanks guys, and yes I'll be taking many pictures to upload when I get started!...Still need to collect the bike! :/! Hopefully early next week though.

    haha brings back some great childhood memories that does.
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  14. Hello and welcome into the mad house :)

    I like red I'm partial to a bit of red too

    Don't forget pics of bins and bikes because we like pictures :)
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  15. Welcome Sonic,looking forward to seeing the 1098r
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  16. Hi Sonic and welcome, that's a bit of a tool, enjoy.:upyeah:
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  17. Welcome, great bike. Some of the best dealer pics I've ever seen too!
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  18. Welcome mte... luvly bike etc.. just hope you not totally normal ( whatever that is?) as we're all nuts on here.. but then you have to be nuts to own a Ducati.. enjoy.....,
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  19. Many thanks again guys! And here's a decent pic of what you guys want! Bins galore!

    So am I! Here's a teaser for now... needed one of these and found one...!
    thanks mate and lol I'm blue, spikey and roll around everywhere , whereas you have friends who are Gorillaz i guess lol? I guess we're all not normal in our own ways! Deffo nuts and fun owning a Ducati though!
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