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  1. Hello,

    Came across the forum just now looking for dimensions of a particular part through the googler. Have an 08 HYM1100S, and half a dozen other non-Duc's though I'm thinking about picking up a Pani.
    Reading through the forum it seems there's both good people and good info to be found here, worth registering I think.

    Edit for pic...

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  2. Welcome Dave. Love CO. Been to Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and WinterPark too :)
  3. Welcome Mr Denver to the forum:upyeah::cool:
  4. Welcome to the forum. :)
  5. Welcome mcanter
  6. You forgot your trash cans and it’s not red :weary_face:

    Welcome into the mad house
  7. Trash cans! Get you, DB, speaking it like a native : o D

    Welcome, Mile High Mike!
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  8. Welcome Denver Mcantar :) :upyeah:
  9. welcome and enjoy
  10. Welcome Dude :cool: I just bought a Pani o_O as has just about everyone else on here recently :thinkingface:
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  11. Welcome - some dude joined a few months ago from your neck of the woods - stunning scenery and a mile high club to boot :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome gents!

    We have some scenery here for sure, it's been a bit crowded lately though as there's been quite the flood moving in ever since they legalized pot. Makes the roads a bit more treacherous too.
    Hoping to make it out to IOM next year and tour around a bit, been around the globe a couple times but unfortunately passed over the UK.

    I'll throw some more pics up when I get done with work later.
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  13. The place books up well in advance for TT week mcantar so if you do intend going book it asap.
  14. Huh huh and ladies :punch:
  15. I learnt from the best Loz ;)
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  16. Ahem.... gents and uh.... gentettes?

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  17. Welcome along :cool:
  18. Aye, wouldn't be til next year anyways. Buddy of mine out of Scotland goes every year and can set me up once I'm there, it's just getting there that's the tough part. I check every few weeks throughout the year and the cheapest airfare I've found is around $1200.
  19. Hope you make it, it's awesome to see.