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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Bitches

    438B9A9E-4795-439A-90D8-D18ABFD92803.jpeg 13D729F5-326C-4B80-A797-48D93F591EE8.jpeg
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  2. Blimey, didn't realise you are out here.
  3. Good pics!!! Early start?
  4. You on holiday again??
  5. T
    til sat
  6. Looks lovely Paul. Enjoy with your bride :)
  7. Nice,it’s a lovely place
  8. Again?! :astonished:
  9. Nice view from your therapy room.
  10. I’m about during tf tonight and if you are about. Heading back Saturday you should try and factor Spa in on the way home. It’s the big classic meet from Friday till Sunday. The theme for this year is the history of GP so should be some pretty cool bikes there in addition to all the usual stuff.
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  11. Jealous...

    Very, very JEALOUS ..!!...

    I love Cochem and everything around that lovely part of the world...
  12. Nice town...and some great roads :)
  13. Looks familiar :upyeah:
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  14. Whats riding? (did they fix your beemer)?
  15. In the car, 435. Amazing how different it is in a car. Normally I’m balls out riding, so seeing some of the country and loveliness of the Moselle & its villages is nice!!

    Had a bit if a decent run back from Adenau last night thi ;)
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  16. Off camber tiny up hill section of the ring, I do hope you have a whurl round!
  17. Nope. We got there and within minutes it was closed. So didn’t bother driving round to the main gate.
  18. Was in the Monschau last week for a few days as part of the 4 week Germany tour. Did so many places, met so many great people. Love the Black Forest, Saarland, Sauerland, Eifel, and all the places in between.
    Both the Supersport 939 and the Monster 821 were faultless.
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  19. Planned 8 days in Germany in September and wondered about the Mosel as a touring focus. Crossing to the Hook.
    Just back from camping in France and Spain ( out via St Malo and home via Bilbao) and, as always, a great trip.
    Bit of a virgin to biking in Germany and welcome any suggestions including accommodation as probably not taking tents this time.
  20. It’s great area for biking. Well worth it imho.

    A few of us have stayed at Hotel Noss, on the Moselpromenade in Cochem, price isn’t bad, in town for food n drink, and you can rent a garage for up to 5 bikes (depending on size). Thru have 3 garages.