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Hello From Farnham

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Andrew_S, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Welcome. Love the little Honda :)
  2. Welcome, from another local near you.
  3. It’s good that you found the place Andrew, I have many many happy memories of nights out on the town/village at Farnham, by far one of my favourite places for a pub crawl.
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  4. Welcome,
    From Andover myself but go to loomies fairly regularly. Maybe, if weather permits, try and get a ride out somewhere?
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  5. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome. Good to see there are a few owners local to me. John, I'm usually on my 76 Z900 at Loomies. Coincidently, I've recently retired from working in Andover - just along (both sides of) the Monxton Road.
    I'm off to Snell in Alton to have a look at their 950S demonstrator and see if it throws too much weight in my right wrist, but if it's like my FireBlade then that'll put the kibosh on it.
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  6. Go on - get a test ride on a Hypermotard too ;)
  7. He won't get a demo on one from Snells as someone wrote it off a couple of weeks ago!
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  8. The Hypermotard is not my thing. I popped over to Snell this afternoon and it does put some weight on my wrist, but the only way to really find out is to test ride it for an hour next week, subject to it not being written off in the meantime.........
  9. There was a Z900 there Sunday just gone. Was that you. Didn’t catch the tear in it though. have you thought about an adventure bike?
    I ride a bussa and multistrada. Bussa hurts a little but going to keep it for shorter ride outs, it puts a grin on my face in every gear
  10. Year, not tear
  11. Maybe a Monster, but I'm getting the feeling you fancy a fairing....
  12. Not me John, although I've not seen another Z900 there so will keep an eye out - I've seen a few of the new Z900RS though. Adventure bikes are not my cup of tea either. I'll be touring in the Austrian Alps next year with some German friends and I'll just hire a BMW RG for a week or two but wouldn't want to own one.

    The Supersport is the only model in the range I hanker after Keith, but if it puts too much weight on the wrist and gives me gyp after the test ride then I'll have to give it a miss which will be a shame. I must admit that it looked stunning in red and sounded awesome at Snell yesterday.
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  13. To help the weight on the wrists you've always got the option of some clip on bar risers for the supersport...
  14. :upyeah:Great pointer, thanks - a Google search soon found risers at 15, 20 and 40mm so will have to check with Snell to make sure the handlebars won't hit the tank on full lock as I noticed they were pretty close in stock form. Test ride first though! :)
  15. IMG_0217.JPG IMG_5610.jpg Sorry a bit late to the party but a very warm welcome to the Ducati forum from a multistrada owner who lives in Horsell soon to be moving to ash green love you old Honda and Kawasaki my dad had both brand new back in the day here is my offerings
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