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Featured Hello From France

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by SamC_ST3r, Apr 2, 2024.

  1. Hi everybody,
    I'm Samuel from France

    I ride Ducati since 2007, I have "a few" motorbikes at home
    Road bike:
    750SS '93
    748R '00 tuned in 853Rs
    350 Vento '78
    3x Cagiva 900 Gran Canyon
    Triumph 955i '99
    KTM 1190 Adventure
    KTM 640 Enduro

    Track bike:
    620SSie with 992cc engine (based on 904cc, not a 1000DS)
    A Supermono project based on 1098 frame and engine
    ST3R with 1098 frame, 500NSR fairing and 1078cc ST3 engine (work in progress)










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  2. Pas mal, mec!
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  3. Cassoulet, poulet roti, mousse chocolat, vin rouge.

    Gendarmes, rappel, accueil, gravillons.

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  4. Bloody hell, welcome samc_st3r'
  5. sacré bleu!
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  6. Welcome and enjoy. Quite a collection you have there!
  7. Salut, et bienvenue!

    Nice garage! If you are down in the Toulon/Var area give me a shout :upyeah:

    Cheers Grant
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  8. Bienvenue,
    Looks like Col de la machine, missed it by one turn a couple of years back. Hope to do better this year with the superduke, maybe follow on for little run down the route Napoleon twisty sections..
  9. Thank you very much for your welcome and your few words in French, it’s a pleasure :upyeah:

    Currently I am working on 2 motorcycles in parallel: The ST3R which is giving me a bit of trouble because of an improbable pair of connecting rods
    Pankl titanium rod, 20mm pin but 130 length !
    Normally it doesn't exist!

    And I work on a 916r for the Classic TT :p

    View attachment IMG_20230418_112256_966.jpg









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  10. If ever I'm on a Ducati in France and I break down, I'll make sure I'm near you :);)
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  11. That's a stable
    Welcome into our mad house :)
  12. Welcome onboard!
  13. Just joined today too. I don’t have anywhere near the number of bikes but I do love the TT !!
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  14. Salut Mec. Where are you based?
  15. In the middle of France, near Clermont-Ferrand
  16. Just a ‘few’ bikes. Think you need a couple more!
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  17. Interesting Pictures

    Is this a hobby, or some kind of professional work that you do on bikes ?

    Good luck at the Classic TT - the TT course will certainly test anything mechanical to the limit !
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