Hello From South Wales

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  1. Ain't they done away with static cameras around Swindon area ?
  2. They still won't believe us Wades :confused:
  3. Snowdonia is apparently something of a hot zone for biker persecution again, or maybe they like to promote the idea but in reality it's not that severe. Used to be during the 'reign' of Richard Brunstrom.

    Not going mental, knowing the hotspots (GPS warnings are handy) and keeping the Mk1 eyeball active have managed to keep my licence clean whilst riding there.... famous last words... :rolleyes:
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  4. upload_2018-10-10_20-7-53.png
    Went today. Last minute decision because it was so warm! I think that we may of fucked the planet as this is October. The guy who runs the place told me that I am wrong as it is a saved day from July.

    Top coffee and the Owls Nest burgher is still keeping me going!

    The other place in town looked good and there were lots of bikes parked up.

    I have to admit that South Wales rocks! May go again on Sunday. Weather looks dry but not very warm ATM.
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  5. IMG_0347.jpg

    Owls nest ???? never been there always use the cafe in town ........next time thought id stick a photo up of my Nest in Blackwood south wales
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  6. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Owl's Nest today, I was working today but went out for an evening spin up to Brecon. I couldn't believe how warm it was, collected more flies than in the summer. Coffee and cake stop at Costas, so skipped the Nest on the way back. IMG_20181010_174431.jpg Ended up doing 90 miles IMG_20181010_191320.jpg IMG_20181010_173143.jpg
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  7. Glad you got out today, might make it on Sunday, not sure about who's having the kids this weekend being the stumbling block...
  8. Nahhhhh!...........it don't......it's shit.
    Cornwall's far better, honest. : unamused:
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  9. Very glad I got out for a ride yesterday, it's now pissing down in my part of South Wales.:( Normal service resumed. What Indian Summer?
  10. See, I keep telling em, but will they listen, "No" they won't.
    The Outer Hebride's is far better o_O
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  11. Yes, the Owl's nest is my choice, always good banter too.
  12. And the West End has definitely gone downhill a bit - the breakfast there I had the other day was definitely not great, horrible soggy hash browns. Not a patch on a Kawasaki breakfast at Fink's diner over at M&P, or the Nest. Not that it stopped me eating it! IMG_20180923_133250.jpg IMG_20180923_132330.jpg
  13. The breakfast in Doms in Leominster is also worth a visit when your up that way.

    On the weekend - I stop at Kay's van in the lay by near the toilets in the Breacon at Pont Ar Daf - just before / after the Storey Arms... she is always open early... there from about 3.00 AM but open from about 4.00AM for the Sunrise walkers. Saturday's and Sunday's

    Terry at Superbite does not open till around 7.00AM and I am normally home by then.

    My Normal route - Blackwood - Pontypool - Abergaveny - Hereford - Head Kington - Turn Off for Brecon - Clyro - Brecon Bypass - Up to Pont Ar Daf - Coffee and Sausage and Egg and a Chat - Merthyr - Nelson - Blackwood.

    Nice ride.. 115 miles

    Sometimes go Abergaveny to Brecon - via Bwlch

    Or Abergaveny to Ross on Wye to Hereford

    Or Hereford to Leomister (Doms) to Brecon

    But do ocassionally go to Landovery - but never visited either cafe... then on to Langadog - Over the beacons (beautiful scenery) to Ystradgynlais to Merthyr

    As variations in the ride..

    And both ways....

    But for me the best breakfast - sit down is the Harvester in Pontypool... that's where me and the wife go.. after I have cleaned the bike when I get home.. for my second breakfast.... yes I am a Hobbit...
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  14. I will second Dom’s at Leominster :upyeah:
  15. Dont mention the Beulah road @Simon Audi
    They don't know about that one :upyeah:
  16. Neither did I until I just had a look.. That's a road I have thought of taking from Bronllys to Builth Wells then on to Llandovery... Sounds like I should add that into the route too for some variety....

    Have to mount up the Sat Nav onto the Scrambler now that my Multi has been written off.. and give it a try.


    We do have some GREAT rides...
  17. Do you mean the 'roller coaster', one of my favourite bits of road ;):D
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  18. Nice route
  19. sshh don't tell everyone

  20. Ssshhh, keep it down, only you me Simon and Portboy know about it :upyeah: :)
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