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Helmet Windscreen Wiper

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by PeterT, May 20, 2019.

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  1. lol

    I like it because I ride in all weathers & will happily support new novel concepts. Maker seems to come from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  2. if it's cheap then what a great little gadget.
  3. I see the marketing department has 'it makes you look stupid' covered o_O

    THE WOW FACTOR 10/10

    It looks really cool!
  4. I think my investment in free range eco friendly wipe clean shit roll is safe.
  5. Cool. One of those ‘so simple, why didn’t I think of it’ inventions.
  6. I can't access the link but isn't it an automated wildly shaking your head from side to side gadget :D
  7. I do the glove swipe... Works fine for 100 yards :splat::eyes:
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  8. Glove/finger swipe, turn head to the side. Job jobbed.
  9. It looks like a kickstarter campaign so not an actual product yet.
    I remember this when it was on Dragons Den about 10 years ago.
    The Dragons laughed it off.:sob:
    That was when Duncan Bannatine was still a dragon, he had tears rolling down his face with laughter.

    Now 10 years later, it seems it still hasn't got off the ground but the inventor will not give up.
    I think the inventor should give it up.
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  10. I remember the dragons den episode. It was a lid with it built in (no swapping). One of the Dragons said that bikers love to have different helmets of different brand and don't all wear the same one. So for that reason, they were out.
  11. Can’t believe it’s took this long to make one seems a no brainer if you like inventing.

  12. this version is crap though
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  13. Save money...only ride when it’s sunny.
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  14. A quick spray with Rain X makes all the difference.
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  15. Thought RainX could only be applied to glass?
  16. When I were a lad and had no choice other than riding a bike, I used to use RainX on my visors. Worked a treat.
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  17. There are two versions of Rain X, one specifically for plastic. Buy it on eBay for £10. I don't know what happens if you use the original for glass version on visors.

    rain x.JPG
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