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Featured Helmsley Again Today - Scorchio

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Exige, May 20, 2020.

  1. 2 Police Vans came round the car park but didn't stop - evidently they moved everyone on at the weekend (well, bikes but not cars) :thinkingface:

    I know we have a few fans on here of the following so here's some pics, they looked better than new...


    Called at my mates on the way past Merton and found him re commissioning a 996SPS that has had quite a few mods - it been sat for years and has 4000 miles on the clock.





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  2. Nice pipes! :cool:
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  3. That splitscreen is lovely!!
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  4. Those wheels :upyeah:
  5. Camper, Scooters or SPS? :thinkingface:
  6. Sps mate definitely
  7. I think the rear is just a tad too chunky looking :thinkingface:
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  8. Agree close up but a step back seeing the whole bike shrinks it down a bit, I like it maybe a different colour bike might wear it better probably a yellow bike
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  9. Overall it was a very nice bit of kit :):upyeah:
  10. Front looks epic
  11. I actually think if that central plate bit wasn’t on it would look mega
  12. Your mates duc exi passed its mot today

    Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
    • Rear Exhaust noisy (8.1.1 (a))
  13. I know, I was there :yum don't know the owner, just Al who was re commissioning and mot'ing it - he put the same remark on my 1098R with 70mm Ti System :mad:
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  14. those wheels are just shite. Carbon or not, that's just a thick slab of ugly right there.

    Saves your vision from being harmed by the god awful slug that the rear tyre is mounted onto.
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  15. Have to agree Sev. They would however look very nice on a 1990’s Landrover.
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  16. Helmsley was in the news last week. There are some truly miserable fekkers in our midst....
    Life’s too short
  17. If there was a prize for THE ugliest set of wheels? Carlsberg says... itS likely to be these... Probably... X
  18. Havin said that those on the works Ducati WSB are a close second imo ...

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  19. That looks so wrong
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