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Help: Temp Id - @everclear Blocked?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Quizzical, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. aww bollox. not only can i not spell, i also need glasses. doh.
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  2. They build the best bikes too
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  3. :upyeah:. Hey Exige your an alright guy. If only you had not bought the lotus.
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  4. Boiled spud diet. Seriously all the craze
  5. @finm you'd better change your spellchecker's language from Motorbikes to Ingredients. ;). Yep, Bournville would work but it ain't real dark chocolate. take a look next time, they don't even tell you how much (or little) cocoa is in there. You have to ask why. However, I'm partial to it myself, eating some now.
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  6. Your pissed as well since when did a feckin taty make you slim. You will only fit in size FB if you keeps eatin them.
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  7. instagram, celebrity food fashion twaddle. Whilst spuds are a maligned species and are good for you, in moderation, especially if you eat the skins, and they'll fill you up, you'll not get all the vitamins and minerals you need, so you'll die unless you change the diet. :astonished:
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  8. I know, a spud has everything you need, but you lose weight lol
  9. I know, or have been told, I believe the population of the SW & West of Ireland tried it in the mid 1800s. I don't think it was a success ;)
  10. They are still alive lol you don't eat them forever, just a few weeks until you lose a few stone.
  11. Ladies can I have your attention please :p

    Any chance going over old ground could desist
    I’m sure @Rob will sort out your issue @everclear but persistently posting/moaning/pissed off etc isn’t getting you anywhere for now
    Could I kindly suggest you have a bit of patience please

    Thank you for listening :)
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  12. It wasn't a success because they didn't have any.
  13. Shit, I wish you had not said that. I'm now off on one. In my working life I worked as a contractor for Nestle UK. Where they made after eight mints. Long story short, after the rabbi told Nestle not to use animal fat in chocolate they changed there recipe. The chocolate in those mints is now made with Cocoa butter. It is the finest dark chocolate in the world. If I told you the exact recipe I would have to send the boys round to pillage your house. I digress. Now I am retired I can admit I used to go to the chocolate storage tanks. Each 12 ton & nick choc for cakes at home. Lovellyyyyyyy.
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  14. were they on a diet?

    I know, bad taste (and no I'm not pissed)...... moving along swiftly before I too get banned.
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  15. We’ve moved on to something far more important. Recipes for gods food: chilli
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  16. Yeh wasn't sure I should reply lol. No one gets banned, I've tried lol
  17. Would that be better as a new thread and bed this one up for the night :thinkingface:
  18. Aye, £16k to £50k so no bad - and it handles proper :bucktooth:
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  19. Yep, I know, we've all grown up with Cadbury's chocolate and Mr. Bournville was probably your first genuine philanthropist and worker's champion. He built houses and schools and churches for his workers, fed them and clothed them to look after them all. That was the mid 1800s, now it's Mondalez and all different. They don't even call Cadbury's Dairy Milk 'chocolate' anymore. Take a look at the wrapper. It's a shame. But I do like Bournville still.
  20. Yes boss :worried:
    Liking the softly softly approach before you kill :eyes:
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