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Featured Hi From Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Atomic Monkey, May 7, 2020.

  1. Welcome to the madhouse
  2. Tell us about the roads in Colorado.....
  3. Hi and welcome
  4. Wellcome on board shipmate!
  5. Welcome mate... Does this mean your a Raiders, Rams,Chargers or perhaps soon to be a Broncos fan?

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  6. Hello and welcome.
  7. Twisties...lots of twisties. My new to me 848 is replacing a 2018 Ninja 400 that I did HP and lightening up mods. It was really great and extremely flickable on those roads and on the roads above Malibu. My problem with the bike is that at 10,000' elevation, it just does not have enough left in it to make me smile. I am really excited about the new bike, though I know I will be in learning mode for awhile going around the corners. A very good problem to have!

    As far as football, Sundays are super hard to stay inside to watch TV. If I am going to watch TV, it will usually be at a local pub with a few pints and my crazy British friends fighting each other of who is the best, ManU or ManCity...:) In Colorado, during NFL football season, Sundays are all about skiing. I am sure I will end up a Broncos fan...at least at the brewery!
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  8. Welcome and enjoy!
  9. Welcome A/M - I still have my ZX6R J2 and a 'new to me' 2008 848, ridden just 4 times due to lockdown. Busting to get out! You have it all - bikes and skiiing :cool:
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  10. My 848 likes twisties.....Not sure what I would be like at 10k feet though.

    Don't make it sound too nice, you may get some surprise visitors :worried: UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_120e.jpg
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  11. Hi and welcome. What is the highest octane fuel you have available?
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  12. Great picture! In my case, the rider is going to be holding the bike back:D

    Hi Hugo, The highest octane in both California and Colorado at the regular stations is 91. I think that is a different calculation than in the UK and europe. In older cars we could use lower 85 octane in the mountains without detonation, but with UCU driven fuel injection it is back to 91. There are some places near Denver that sell 100, I just not sure if it is worth all the hassle .
  13. When you take delivery check tyre age, four figure number on tyre wall with build week first e.g. "26" followed by build year "17", so "2617". If they are more than five years old, get some new rubber. While you are there, weigh yourself plus riding gear and have someone competent set the suspension up.
    It's amazing how many bikes have no setup. Fork legs out of balance, wrong rear shock spring and sag.
  14. I didn't know that about the age of the tire on the sidewall. Thanks.
    I have always fumbled through setting up my bike's suspension so think I will take my new ride to this shop where I had my last bike dyno(ed?). He always has a trailer at the track (Streets of Willow Springs in LA) and specializes in race optimization. Maybe he has a good way to set it up for a more street than track set up. It would really be nice to have a proper base line.
  15. howdy partner, welcome aboard.
    love the 848 although ive only had a very short ride on one.
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  16. Willow Springs, that's the place the "yank" in my track day group is always going on about.....
  17. It's the only place that I have experience with on a motorcycle. I ride on the 'Streets of Willow Springs" track as the main one, where all the records have been set, is a bit more serious than my skill level. I am hoping I can get one more shot at it with the new bike before the move to Colorado.
  18. Look out for Rob T, lanky 60ish dude riding a 1299S that seems to spend a lot of time in the gravel.
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  19. He is at Buttonwillow Raceway, CA. Doorway to Hell....today.
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