Hi From The Sunny Southwest - Was Hoping For Some Advice...

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  1. Hi all, new rider here, just got my full licence so now it's time to stop lurking and join in!

    My instructor told me to buy a few essentials for the bike. I'm going to be going touring and looking at buying a few essentials. I need a bit of advice on puncture repair kits. Have any of you used the one recommended in this guide? https://bikerrated.com/gear/maintenance/best-motorcycle-puncture-repair-kits/ - From what I can gather, they don't make run-flat tyres for bikes yet!
  2. I recently did a four week around Germany trip, me on a 939 Supersport and my newly qualified girlfriend on her new Monster 821. We never expected nor had a puncture.
    We also found that there are Ducati dealers all over the place should you need anything.
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  3. Welcome to the forum. The kit that XH558 & Chris show is perfect. You can get slightly smaller kits (or simply remove from the case) if you want to stow in your tailpiece. There is a good video on Delboys Garage that walks you through how to use these kits. Worth a watch - he goes under the You Tube name of Moonfleet41.
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  4. Welcome new dude :cool::upyeah:
  5. welcome fastgirl'

    Aslong as the wheel has a tubeless tire; stop-n-go kit is the job or the deluxe kit.

    And then a mini-compressor which you only use with engine running. Which will also mean you can help other riders & never run out of air!

    Rocky creek compressor & grab yourself a pressure gauge.
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  6. Welcome :upyeah:
    What everyone else said - I've never had a puncture repair kit and only ever had a puncture on a 125 learner bike - guess I'm going to have a puncture now :thinkingface:
  7. Welcome to the mad house :upyeah: As has already been said, whatever you choose, make sure you know how to use it before you have to use it. I am a fan of the Dynaplug in your link. Had several opportunities to use it and it works well. If you do choose it, buy an extra pack of strings as a puncture can take more than 1 string to fix it. Andy
  8. welcome Fastgirl,
    Another southwest member :)
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  9. Welcome sunny southwest fast girl. :) :upyeah:
  10. Dudette :eyes:
  11. Welcome from sunny Execeter.
    What’s the bike ??
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  12. Welcome. Get a decent breakdown cover, let the pro’s do it, and if you still deem essential then you’ll need a plug kit and some means to pump the tyre up.
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  13. She's only just qualified as your girlfriend? Sounds complex.
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  14. Only took her 5689 tests to pass :eyes:
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