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Featured Hi From Yorkshire New Guy.

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Treadlighty, Mar 2, 2024.

  1. Hi all. Been around bikes since I was 13. Just over 50 years later I’ve worked up to Ducati! Had a few different Italian bikes. I enjoy my garage time as much as my riding. Just done a belt and valve service on my first desmo engine. Just took my time, read up throughly and all went well. Looking forward to plenty tech talk with you guys. Cheers all around!
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  2. Welcome
  3. Hi and welcome into our mad house :)
  4. Hi, thanks for the welcome. I’ve come from the KTM forum. Now, that IS a madhouse! I survived over there ok, so I’m thinking this will be more gentlemanly?
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  5. Welcome to the forum.:)
  6. Welcome and enjoy
  7. Greetings!

    We're all gentlemen and Ladies here -until we're not!
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  8. Ey up lad, where bouts are thee in Gods own county?
  9. Madhouse I tell you, welcome treadlightly'
  10. Welcome, and well done getting stuck in with the Desmo service.
  11. I’m in a little village twixt Scarborough and Whitby.
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  12. Nice one dude. Hope to see you around.
  13. Welcome along from a fellow Yorkshiremen
  14. Welcome to the forum from another fellow Yorkshireman, Bridlington to be exact.

    Happy riding
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  15. Welcome onboard. South Yorks for me. The most civilised part of God's county ;)
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  16. Yes I agree, this is where my roots are from.
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  17. Welcome from the South of the county.

    Cheers Gaz
  18. Hi and welcome. What is your bike?
  19. Hi, welcome, pics are mandatory, make sure at least one has a bin in the pic ;)
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