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Hi, New Ducati Ownership...rocky Start!

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Pirsig, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Brand new to the world of Ducati riding (long term Triumph before...), based in the SE UK.

    Very tough entry into the Italian realm after taking the plunge on a brand new Multistrada 1260S.
    Absolutely loved the bike, in fact I couldn't stop riding it leading up to the first run-in service in preparation for it's first big late season trip to visit friends in Germany.

    Day after the first service the bike broke down - it was two and half weeks old!! Nearly two weeks to diagnose and rectify (failed coils apparently) - absolutely no failure codes from ECU or lights on dash indicating any problem.
    The paint is rubbing off the right hand engine case, a warranty claim has been submitted for this, awaiting Ducati's thoughts on the matter.

    My non Ducati riding mates are finding this all very amusing!!
  2. Welcome along pirsig the secret is to have multiple ducatis :p ..................................... Only messing
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  3. Sorry to hear Pirsig, how many miles up to first service? - then breaks down almost immediately. Does make you wonder what happened during the service.
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  4. Welcome aboard Dave, hope the teething troubles soon pass and you can get to trust the bike for longer trips

  5. Could you post pics of your bins to cheer us up after reading your introduction please :)

    Welcome into our mad house
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  6. Sounds like you've just been unlucky with first ownership as members on here rack up millions of miles on theirs;),but hey welcome aboard.:upyeah:
  7. Welcome to the Forum Pirsig:upyeah:. IMO you're just very unlucky, but that's not good, not one but BOTH coils fail, that's very odd, and paint flaking off already? Who's your dealer?
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  8. Welcome along Pirsig
  9. Bad luck, welcome anyway.
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  10. @Pirsig Any connection to Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance ?

    Good luck with the bike or get new friends ?
  11. Welcome Dave
  12. Welcome and enjoy. Sorry about the bad start, the up side is that things should get better from here on...
  13. The benefits will outweigh the pain. Sounds like you have been a little unlucky to start with.
    At least you have found us!!:upyeah:
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  14. Both coils failing at once?
    Yeah right...
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  15. Welcome along, you need to get one of the older ones with none of that electickery jiggery pokery :D
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  16. it's the macaroon or the farthing tho' innit? ^
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  17. Welcome and you have made a great bike choice. Once you get over this hiccup, I am sure you will love the Multi and leave your friends in the mirrors!

    2 weeks to sort the problem out (coils???) is not good enough so maybe consider a change to another highly rated dealer for the next service?
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  18. Welcome to the Ducati forum sorry to hear about your issues hope you get them sorted
    I'm a fellow multistrada owner with a 2013 PP brought second hand with 12,000 she now has 15,000
    I love mine I hope you get to love yours
  19. Keep us posted on the outcome @Pirsig we’re all here to help.
  20. welcome pirsig