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  1. only a few words just to say been thinking of you all sorry for my absence.. my kids are helping me so much

    Hugs for all x
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  2. Hi @Noods

    Hope all is well mate. :upyeah:
  3. Good to hear that Noods. Don't be a stranger as they say. :)
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  4. Hang in there bud :upyeah: Andy
  5. Hey up noodle doodle, chin up fella :p:upyeah:
  6. Coolio :cool::upyeah: sooooooooooo fuggin good to hear from you buddy o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc:
  7. A struggle to write speech poor get muddled and very tired but hair is starting to grow back which is good x
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  8. Great to hear from you. Keep popping in when you can. :motorcycleduc:
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  9. All the best geezer ! Good to hear from ya
  10. Keep Rockin' Noods -

  11. Hi Noods, we're all here, keep in touch.
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  12. Oooooo Noodles great to hear from you :)
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  13. Hey Noods. Nice to hear from you.
  15. Excellent Noods. That's great progress.
    Compare it to mine... my hair is never going to grow back! :eek:
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  16. Hi bud great to hear from you.:D
  17. I've got way to much thick, soft, wavey hair. It's so irritating.
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  18. Cj has left her job to be full time carer for her papa I am also now total blind in left eye. So sorryit’s taking a long time writing to you all x
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  19. Welcome back Noods. I was just thinking about you today and thought I should ask CJ how you were.

    We are here for you!! :)
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  20. Great to have you back mate.
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