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Honda 2020 Fireblade?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by evoarrow, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. It's about time they returned to the superbike party isn't it, hopefully it'll improve the wsbk field
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  2. Honda have seemed lost as a company for the last 10 years or so
  3. Pretty but not exactly a ‘wow look at that’ design.
    Hope it’s a success mind, as any new bike is a good thing.
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  4. Should have put Cal on it, would be interesting for track riders to see how well it crashes :eyes:
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  5. I really like it, and as mentioned before, that is how to do wings. Don't look like they have been stuck on after the sale.
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  6. Nice looking bike but would look amazing with Rothmans or Castrol paint job.
  7. I’m giving serious consideration to getting rid of the V4 for one of these.
  8. I own a Honda so can say this, it's a bloody Honda at the end of the day. It may look nice and go well but it will always be a Honda. Unless there are serious mechanical issues with a v4 I can't imagine why someone would go from Italian to Honda. Appreciate there have been a fair few recalls but even the s1000rr has had a fair few.

    Just my opinion. (Doesn't count for track though).
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  9. Good luck with that. With a glut of V4s in the used market place and Honda needing to offer absolutely no incentives to sell the RR-R, you'll have to stump up a big wedge. I'm no fan of Honda but this model is exactly what they need to be competitive in WSBK and the various national championships like the BSB. Andy
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  10. Only just got my v4 in September guna try it for 2020 track use only then see how the honda develops any big problems ect then maybe go for 1 i work for honda so should get some discount aswell what would sway the deal on trading the v4 maybe its might be just the bike to get me back on a jap bike
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  11. I wish they’d be a bit more interesting to look at though.
    It may well be the bees knees mechanically but put next to a Pani it’s just another Jap4. IMHO.
  12. Front looks like the old 600RR.
    Mate has been quoted over £600 from a Honda dealer to bleed the abs system as its a pain in the arse to do and not every dealer has the skills to do it.
    So much for japs being cheap to service!
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  13. Trouble is, next to a Ducati the pani looks like any old jap4 :p:sob::joy:
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  14. I’d guess the V4 would be worth about £14k(3k miles,completely standard and extended warranty) so yes if I went for the SP it would be a fair bit to cough up for a Honda, I’ve not made my mind up yet though, I was hoping for a V4 from Honda but it hasn’t materialised, I could get to the spring and decide to keep the V4 another year now it’s all sorted, but I do like this Fireblade, admittedly it isn’t going to be as special as a Ducati though.

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