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Honest Opinion Of Ducatisti's before you owned a Ducati ?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by clueless, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Most of my riding was between 2000 and 2004.

    I remember one track day at Brands (2003 ish) on a very hot summers day. We lost at least 2 sessions because of 916's etc crashing at Druids. One of the marshals told me that 10 ducati's had crashed in the morning alone.
    I had an R1 and I must admit my opinion of Ducati's and their owners at the time was not good.

    I also got hit up the arse by a Paso in 1999 whilst on my ZX6r and it fecking hurt ! :)
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  2. I not your typical ducati owner.
    I get the feeling that a disproportionate percentage of other owners are simply up their own arses.
    I thought that before and little has changed my mind.
    Oh im a doctor
    Im a pilot
    Etc lol.
    I just dont see the relevance of "getting that info in"
    must put on my profile my MBE and then hide behind a username what sorts of makes that pointless and just has that "look at me im great" portrayal and tell everyone there wrong and only my point matters...!

    Well you did ask.....:)
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  3. No idea if this is right, but damn good rant!!:)
  4. The bikes? Expensive and exclusive, something to aspire to

    The peolpe? Enthusiasts and eliitists who sneer at those who have no idea how different a valve can be

    Now? Not much different lol...tbf most I find are on a scale of 'name dropping self importance' thru to 'always want one and happy to have whatever one'. I like to think I am towards the right of that scale...bit like my politics probably middle ground
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  5. And 1664 :upyeah:
  6. My eyes were opened up to Ducati when the 916 came out in '93. I'd been off bikes for about eight years with no chance of getting on one for a long time back then as my family had just started growing. But I thought WOW! I WILL have one in maybe ten years time. the owners all seemed self important and legends in their own minds to me back then. At the time I could not have afforded a new one (and now, despite my relatively comfortable situation - I'm not sure I would be happy spunking the sort of money away for a new Diavel or even a new Monster that they are asking for!). There are some very VERY knowledgeable owners of the marque on here - and I applaud them, and I know in my heart, that I will never be that knowledgeable about the brand or even 40% as capable to take my bike anywhere near it's potential....But I love my bike...and I feel superior when I pull into a petrol station or roll up at the lights on my red thumping tractor....because I know which bike every bystander is looking it....and it ain't those bloody in line fours!...and am I a legend?...yes, in my own mind I am - and as happy as a pig in the brown stuff when I get overtaken by a bloody spotty youth leaning over further and cornering faster than me - I AM better than the average rider...I KNOW I am....because it is me they are all looking at at the lights!....:Happy:...so I've joined the legends....in my own mind!
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  7. For me owning a Ducati is about buying into something different I think the way the styling is at some point they do seem to be ahead of your jap bike at times, Ducati push the bounderies in design both chassis & engine even how they sound, as I am a mechanic I love how mechanical things are put together some items look so pleasing to the eye some not. Other people I feel buy into the Ducati because dare I say its the high end of the bike market now & thats down to how well they have done through racing. People tend to see how well bikes do they go & buy them. I own 4 bikes & they are all different,chassis/engine/handle completely different to each other & their engineering are different. So each one means something different to me which I really like. If I had a bigger shed I think there would be alot more bikes, may get told off by my wife though lol.
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  8. That spotty little B4stard overtakes me too !
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  9. He doesnt overtake me :Dummy:
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  10. Was there a time before i owned Ducati's ? I don't remember.

    But then i actually remember when Hoss elm had a tiny converted front room in a terraced house as a shop. When Andy Shokkos scared the crap out of me the first time i met him and his friends. When george Fogarty and Tony Rutter were racing TT2's.
    When Roger wilkerson started doing track days, before they were a commercial proposition.
    When the DOC spares operation opened in Swindon.
    When Brian Dymoke reset my ignition pickups for me at his house.
    When i used to visit Bernies in watford .
    When Richard avent blew away everyone at a Cadwell trackday on a Cagiva Freccia 125 and a film crew video'd my own TT2 replica in the Cadwell paddock.
    When i realised i couldn't afford a TT2 that Graeme richie was selling and thought his wife was hot.

    You see, it wasn't about shiny showrooms and units then and it ain't the same.

    Probably, lucky bastids actually.
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  11. hahahaha! And do you feel as relaxed about it as I'm starting to Pat? I'm quite enjoying pottering around on my 998 if I'm honest! I also like the way some other riders - not all of them, but probably the less experienced ones - look over at me when I roll up beside them. I like to blip the throttle occasionally - just to show them who's boss of course. Because, let's be honest, louder IS better - we all know that! and occasionally I'll keep up and even overtake and REALLY show them who's boss - hahahaha!:)
  12. Respect Desmoboy. Respect....I once bought a pair of motorcycle boots and gloves off Stan Stevens while he explained the workings of my mate's Micron expansion chamber on his Fizzy to me....
  13. I've got to say, I don't get this elitist thing. To me, a Ducati is better than other bikes largely because the components that it's built with are better, which makes the bike more expensive.

    Owning a comparatively expensive bike doesn't say anything about the owner, other than they've spent more money on it.

    But it also doesn't mean that the owners don't know how their bikes work. Some do, some don't, some will learn. Don't hit a man because he doesn't know something: hit him because he doesn't learn.
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  14. There is some very knowledgeable and proficient Ducati people on here, there's also some really pretentious twats, it takes all sorts, eh! :upyeah:
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  15. @Mr.R, I was talking to John Hackett the other day. He's just finished a light restoration of a 250(?) from the early seventies. He was telling me that as a teenager, he was working in a moto shop at the weekends for parts, which he used to build his first race bike.

    The shop had a Ducati 250 racer for sale for a few years and it cost three times the equivalent BSA or Norton.
  16. I'm not of the opinion that a Ducati is any better than any other bike. I ride them because I like v-twin torque. But I'd be just as delighted to have a GSXR750 or an RC8. As for owners, well I've not experienced up your arse duke riders but I have with GS owners and HD owners.
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  17. It takes all sorts, I just love everything mechanical about the bikes. I have met a few other Ducatisti and of them I have found most quite decent and interesting people but there have been others that have struggled to pass the time of day even after I had made an effort to make conversation, mental note of who to avoid!
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  18. Well, I'm easily avoidable ;)
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  19. no such thing as a typical ducati owner. for me it was the styling.
  20. I've always loved ducatis and never looked at the owners as anything else but bike people
    The sound of the bike coming into the local bike haunt is awesome.....
    I have never owned a bike that handles like my 749 , I havn,t had it long
    And I love looking at it as much as riding it.....if you like race bikes then that's what it is...
    Stop thinking of what people think of you and nail that spotty kid ........
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