Diavel How Many Miles Worst Case?....

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  1. So, waiting til first week of May for my new (used) Diavel Carbon to be delivered so in the mean time I keep watching it on you tube.

    Just saw a review which mentioned no fuel gauge.... WTF!!!

    Very disappointing but it is what it is.

    So worst case how far will I go before filling up (safely)?
  2. Yes there is no fuel gauge but there is a low fuel light that theoretically gives you a 50 mile range. Consumption is very influenced by riding style and riding in Urban does not necessarily give you better consumption to riding in Touring. My girlfriend averages about 40mpg and she tries to fill up between 100 and 120 miles as we have discovered, the distances between petrol stations vary wildly, especially in France. Hope this helps. Andy
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  3. It's very disappointing but I guess if that's the worst thing then for such a great bike it's worth putting up with.

    I watched a you tube video 10 things I hate about my Diavel. And they were also silly with not one legitamet reason other than maybe the fact you only get one fob with it....
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  4. If you tour at reasonable speeds you can expect over 150 miles out of a tank which is good. We tend to fill up when we (I) stop for a leg stretch because on several occasions we've not seen a petrol station for 60 or 70 miles. My Multistrada is the limiting factor because I tend to thrash around in 2nd and 3rd in the twisties which we try and find lots of. Andy
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  5. To be fair, I've only had mine for a couple of months, but before I handed over the cash I did a bit of reviewing on Tinternet as of the pros and cons,, every review is going to be completely different than the other as people have different riding skills/needs/wants,,i don't think no bikes perfect but as the old adage, you pay your money, you take your chance,
    For me the Diavels practically spot on, I've had sports,cruisers bobbers and this seems to fit the lot(also due to the Mrs telling me that 5 bikes at one time is not 3 weeks in Minorca :rage: )
    Never had a Ducati before and yes their a select breed due to maintenance and running cost but Wow, it doesn't half put a grin on me chops when I hear that Termi bellow out.
    Trust me ,, when you get legs over it and twist the wrist all them negatives will be in the back of your lid
    Have fun and stay safe
  6. Based on everything I've read I believe this is in a class of its own... it's not a tourer, it's not a sports, it's not a super sports.... it's the Swiss knife of motorbikes.

    I think it will be a classic before it's old and will always demand a following as it stands alone.... based on everything I've read and I've read a hell of a lot.

    So if it failed to live up to the hype the problem will be with me, not the bike.
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  7. That exhaust gets very close to the ground on right handers
  8. No damage to date. If you lean it that far I suspect body parts will follow the exhaust touching the ground ! Andy
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  9. most miles I got from my Gen 1 was 162.8 riding like a num on her last 3 points with the tank almost overflowing with petrol, it did 44mpg and the best mpg i have ever had is 52 on a motorway ride, i normally average about 37 to 40mpg
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  10. I can't think of many/any modern bikes that have a fuel gauge. Most just have a low fuel light.
  11. My Triumph Sprint ST1050 ;)
  12. yeah and when they do they are usually crap
  13. Old technology:)
  14. But great to jump on and see how much you have :)

    It also has heated grips & lighter socket power point ;)

    But looking forward to selling it as I don't want to crowd the garage with the Duke in there
  15. On my way back from dropping the bike off at Donington this morning there was a Diavel parked up on the slip road to the M1.
    I had the ramp in the back of the van so pulled over to see if I could help.
    My first obvious question was fuel but the rider showed me the fuel gauge which had 3 bars and next to it said 86m to empty.
    When I tried to slosh the tank it was bone dry.
    The guy had only had the bike a week were we looking at the right gauges for fuel?
    The AA were on their way so left him to it but would like to know out of curiosity.
  16. Hi, Yes that was me :flushed:

    We were looking at the right gauges and they showed exactly as you said.

    The AA turned up about 20 mins after you left, 2 gallon of the best Shell petrol, and it started first touch.

    I've never known a bike die like that through lack of fuel. No surging, no hesitation etc, the engine just died like the kill switch had been flicked.

    Rest of the day went without a hitch.

    Thanks again for stopping, really appreciated the offer of help.

    Enjoy Spain and the 1098.
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  17. Good news and glad you got sorted quickly. That's not good news with the fuel gauge though!
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  18. Yep, phone call to Ducati Manchester Monday morning.

    I filled the tank to brim full, still only 3 bar on the fuel gauge.