1200 How Many Miles You Wimps Do This Year 2019

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Steviegtr, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Just completed 7800 miles on a coast to coast trip in USA in 21 days
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  2. lol sure am...bounce off the limiter several times a day :)

    Using the DUNLOP TRAILSMARTs good grip and excellent wear, well the last 500 needs nursing but I get a new set installed at regular service intervals :D

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  3. I'll do about 7000-8000 miles over the two bikes I reckon.
  4. So far, it’s 300 miles on one of my ‘93 M900, and 130 miles on my ‘94 M900 since the last MOTs, so should easily get over 600 miles total for the year by July.
    I have had years where the mileage only increases by 25 miles: the MOT centre isn’t so close for me as for some!
  5. The weather is looking good for the weekend so hoping to do a few miles.
  6. Compared to you I'm an Iron Butt member. My MOT station is further away than yours, I managed to get 30 miles in.
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  7. 3500 so far. 3200 was through Spain and back home through France. Longest day was about 650 miles. I'll probably put another 3500 o it this year.
  8. Out today so a few more miles hopefully. Bet roads will be stupid with traffic though.