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1200 S How Many Miles?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by LCjohnny, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I have done 12500 miles on mine . Its first year was very lazy but it has done 3 thousand a year since.

    It is not behaving like a classic Ducati :). Still starts as easily and responds as well - no noises and nothing has dropped off rusted or broken.

    How many miles have you folk done?
  2. I've got 11500 on my 2017 Monster R. Only thing to go wrong is a blown headlight bulb.
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  3. My Monster has about 18000 before it was trashed. My ST2 is about 24000 and my ST3 about 8000.
  4. My M1100S has 30,000Km, my ST2 has 56,000Km and my 748 has just 6,000km. No issues with any of 'em:upyeah:
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  5. It was 2 months after i posted here that my odometer failed! Coincidence??

    I think not!:imp::sob:
  6. I bought my 2014 m1200S in the middle of March with 5200 miles on it.
    I am at 7500 miles now. Loving it.

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  7. 37000 miles on my MTS1200s 2013. Solid bike, chain on 20000 miles and loads left.
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  8. Impressive
    Have you replaced the battery yet?
  9. Twice, fuel level sensor thrice .
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  10. 7795 and a new battery today.

  11. 7200 ish on my 1200R in 3 and a half years.... now on 4th set of Super Corsas...
  12. My Monster is comming up on 38,000miles. Only noise it makes are from the 2 into 1 pipe & the clutch.
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  13. I'm about 800 behind you on my 2016 1200. Only issue so far is a warped front disc at about 7000 miles, which only got a small contribution from Ducati as it was out of warranty.

    On my 3rd set of boots, replaced oem with Metzler 01s and now running Angel GT2s.
  14. 48,000miles, 2013 mutley S. Ridden whatever the weather. Replaced: Rear light, right switchgear, steering head and front wheel bearings, fuel sender, both heated grips, map sensor, inlet manifold rubbers, fuel injection relays, front discs (corroded on surface now happening again), front suspension accelerometer and complete rear shock.
  15. I got my 2016 1200R in October 2019 with 1204 miles on it. Just started to ride it after a broken wrist in November, wet February, then Covid-19 lockdown.
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