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HT leads and plug caps!

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Geo7863, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I know this was asked a few times on Ducatisti... its a shame Dan didn't leave Ducatisti open just to browse even if no one could post anymore, there was sheds and sheds of very useful info, links and piccies on there! oh well.... so..

    What are the Best HT leads and plug caps to get for the 900SS engine with Dynacoils?

    I have changed the battery on my bike to an Odyssey but the spark is very weak and the bike wont start... it may be that I have a bad earth somewhere now or maybe loosened a wire to the coils and/or CDI units but I need new leads for my 900SS engined TT/F1 rep as well anyway!
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  2. Taylor leads with Dynacoils the last years without problems......Mike
  3. My Dynas have got NGK racing leads, I got them from Pablo so he's the man to ask. I take it if it's a non-runner George, it'll be a bit cheaper? :upyeah:
  4. What plug gaps do you suggest...with Dyna Coils,Stock, or open them up a bit?
  5. Howdo Pongo!!

    NGK are good leads along with Magnecor (Currently running them on me bitsa and no complaints - very helpful and also do one offs, which is why I used them :upyeah:) Nologoly ones use resistors, used these with there coil packs - leads where good but the coils ran way to hot. What plugs you using?

    How are the coils Nick? Going good I hope.

    Cheers Pablo
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