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Hyper 950 Comfort Seat

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by steeley, May 31, 2020.

  1. Yes, I will have to agree with you. Corbin needs to hire some serious UI/UX designer for their website. It feels like living in the 2000s and accessing their website via dial-up.

    I actually have heard of Corbin but never know they offer seats for Hyper 950 until you mentioned it. I already got a low seat from Ducati (since I'm quite short at 5"8) to help me when stopping. It doesn't help on the comfort side however. I think you are probably one of the first to pull the trigger on this. And I'm glad you are helping with the comfort issue. At least, there is another option to consider.

    If you don't mind, a direct, side by side comparison of the Corbin with OEM seat would help a lot. I mainly concern with the "dish" and how high the fastback hump rise.

    Thank you!
  2. Magz - This info' is all good, one of my original concerns with the Ducati Performance comfort seat was that its profile was the same as the OE seat and for my purposes, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I could do with a more defined step between the riders and pillions areas and it looks like your Corbin is exactly what I'm looking for. I find the original seat too hard and its flatness allows my butt to roll rearwards during fast accellerations, so the Corbins fastback profile should provide a more definite stop for my butt while giving the pillion area a little more height and padding to aid comfort for my other half, along with allowing her to see over my shoulders easier like on my other sport tourer bike. Would you agree ?
    As I also mentioned earlier, I try to look on the high cost of these high quality items philisophically, as they always hold a good resale value if looked after when you move the bike on, so the initial $533 price could in the long run only cost you half that, or on the other hand if you keep the seat for 10+ years the price is acceptable. I recently sold some big ticket items from my previous Panigale after 4 years use and was pleased to get way above half price for them so I'm happy that the 'pay to play' tax was acceptable.
    Look forward to more pic's when you get chance and thanks again for all your input.
  3. I'm going to get more pictures for you guys tomorrow if possible, otherwise as soon as im off shift.

    To answer your questions, which are great btw.

    The dish in the Corbin seat DEFINITELY cups you. I no longer fear sliding off of the rear of the bike when I accelerate hard. Prior to the installation of the Corbin seat, hard acceleration would cause me to death grip the bars. Id rather my legs and ass do the work than my arms. The Corbin saves me from that issue.

    Now, here's the potential bad news. The Corbin seat feels like a rock under my ass but somehow, a VERY comfortable one. I have no real way of explaining the sorcery behind Corbins foam but it just works. An hour or two hour ride is no issue with this seat which prior to its installation, with the stock seat, 35 minutes at highway speeds was pushing my threshold of acceptability.

    Now, the pillion seat does appear to be a little bit softer than the rest of the seat even though its the same foam. I think that your wife will probably appreciate that.

    Its a very interesting product. Generally, I regard "plushness" with comfort but in this case, the firm, supportive nature of the seat simply works.

    Here's another pic I forgot I had on my phone. It does a decent enough job of showing off the dish in the seat.

  4. Magsz -
    Your picture seems to show the pillion area considerably fore-shortened compared to the standard seat in my pic' from a similar angle ? The catalogue pic's on the Corbin website seemed to show a much more even 50/50 split and that was what I would be looking for (or is it just the perspective) ??
    I definitely hear you on the death grip scenario and it's something I've had to get used to after moving from sportbikes, but if you look at my picture closely I've also made subtle changes to the contact areas to minimise the effect of getting pulled off the bike during hard riding. So far I've changed the footpegs for CNC'd Oberon racing pegs, which allow me to roll my feet forward easier than the chunky OE pegs to help with leg posture and grip. I've swapped out the handlebar for a lower rise and slightly narrower 'Barracuda' model and swapped the standard grips for Progrip SBK 717's which for me has made a massive difference. I've also removed the plastic handguards and added the DP cockpit fairing which provides a little more air deflection at speed. One other worthwhile addition for me that you can't see in my pic' is the Ducabike gearshift lever with adjustable eccentric toe peg, which has allowed me to move the toe peg about 15mm rearward and a little lower which has completely eliminated the occasional missed shift I was experiencing during hard riding. The gearshift was a tip-off on the forum from 'Dynastyss' but I haven't as yet tried out the option of the 'race shift' setting that is also included on the lever. All these subtle changes are obviously purely for road riding and the bike is nearly there for my intended use here in the UK on our narrow and twisty minor roads, where my previous Superbike had become a liability. I also tried out a Monster 1200S before the Hyper', but strangely just couldn't get on with it, although I've realised all the tweaks I'm making to my Hyper are making it similar to a Monster position and set-up. Different strokes but still much prefer the Hyper'.
    The seat question is the last piece in my jigsaw on set-up, so I'm grateful for your feedback.

    Hyper standard seat.jpg
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  5. OK! I just got off shift and i'm exhausted so I hope this all makes sense.

    Keep in mind that the photos on the corbin website may have been taken off of the initial prototype they produced. I have zero clue if that is the actual production model. As some of us have said, Corbins website and marketing is...um...bad...to be kind about it.

    I think also some of what you're seeing is the illusion that the "welt" provides. I found that while playing around with the configurator the welt was absolutely hideous. I had to remove it. I think that visually, the welt adds "bulk" to the pillion area, making it look larger than it is.

    Previously, on the stock seat, my butt wanted to rest on the darned grab rail. The grab rail coupled with the odd bucket on the stock seat made it SUPER uncomfortable for me as my butt wanted to sit on the ridge of the bucket. Now, im JUST shy of the "lip" or dip on the seat. As I mentioned before, sharp acceleration moves me ever so slightly back in the seat against the ledge where I rest comfortably.

    I hope this helps a little!
  6. Just had a shock when I researched ordering the seat from Corbins UK distributor....the price delivered is the equivalent to $903 !!
    I'm afraid no matter how comfortable it is I won't be ordering one at that price
  7. oops. Just realised that was a mistake, all the custom changes are free I now understand so its not far off the same U.S. price.....few !
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