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Hyper Good For Commuter

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by hyperdildo, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Can any of you hyper owners tell me if you think it would make a good commuter bike as my current commuter the husaberg 650 is not gonna last forever and bits are rare for them now so I’m forced to think about a replacement.
    I’m looking at the new husqvarna 701 supermoto or possibly a hyper.
    Are they ok In traffic with clutch control and heat management etc as I don’t want a mobile bbq like my panigale?
  2. My old 796 hyper was great for commuting
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  3. I commute on my 950. It's real easy to ride, tall so visibility is good and the wife bars seem to be above wing mirrors so don't hamper progress through traffic. No heated scrobblies issue like on my panigale. I'd recommend it
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  4. Here’s guys. I’m gonna try get a spin on one. They have a 821 in blade Ducati so will go ave a butchers I reckon next week.
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  5. I have been commuting on 939 and 950 Hypermotard SP’s for the last four years and they’re great for it in my opinion. I’m fortunate to have a few twisty and scenic B road rides that might take 30-40 minutes depending on my route or a straight ride on main roads through town, often in traffic, that’s more like 25-30minutes and both are great fun :upyeah: I’m also happy spending a few days on my Hypermotard touring if need be.
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  6. 1100 evo sp used for commuting here...not all the time but thats its biggest use....theyre not in a high state of tune and essentially is a ds motor which went in the old multi and some of those have clocked up some massive miles...

    People do buy old nails to commute on but, whats the point in that? its a road, and if im on a bike i may as well enjoy it.!
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  7. Used my hyper 821 for commuting everyday. Perfect for the job, easy to handle in traffic and great fun!
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  8. How many miles are you getting on one tank ? Which mode?
    I will be commuting 120 round trip , mostly hwy ,will the 950 sp do that on one tank?
  9. I cane my bike pretty hard. Motorway 95mph. I get about 115 to reserve and typically fill up between 130 to 140. I did a ride with some mates once - legal limits - got 137 before the light came on ... but never again :scream:
  10. Was that on Sport mode? That is great to hear..
  11. ofcourse!!!
  12. Most of my 54k miles on the hyper evo have been commuting the lat 6 years.
    As comfy says you may as well enjoy commuting too. Get 95miles til light which equates to 2 days commute.
    Folding mirrors fixed to master cyl clamps make it narrow enough, well ballaced nike makes feet up filtering where necessary a doddle? Im only 5'4" so needs to be a doddle...
    Never any overheating issues with te air cooled lump, custom remap is a must.
  13. 5'4", Wow , that's awesome.. So many riders stay away from the Hyper 950 due to the height..

    How do you manage stops?
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  14. Mine's the 1100 evo, Silicone pollish on the seat helps slide to one side or the other...
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  15. Yes I was worried about that too. I'm 5'7'' but have no issues at all on the 950 with he standard seat.
  16. I’m 5’7” too and found the old Hyper 1100 to be ok with the lower Ducati performance seat, loved that bike!

    As for commuting it was good apart from the wide mirrors which i folded in for filtering

  17. Got me one now. Cheers for positive feedback on them
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  18. Congratulations.... Man I can wait to get mine, hopefully soon.
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  20. Electrically or manual operated.;)

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