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Featured Hypermotard 698

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by duke63, Feb 12, 2024.

  1. I see the journos have been out riding it in Spain (ironically in the rain)

    Josh Herrin reckons its the best bike he has ever ridden. Either paid a load of cash to say it or very high praise indeed.

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  2. Want to try one.

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  3. I’m sure it’s great.. but.. yes he’s paid to say that, and he’s a knob, look at his socials
  4. Me too but close to 11K means I’d be buying a used Hypermotard if I wanted a Ducati.

    Better electronics than KTM/Husq/GG though, Possibly not 3K worth.
    I’ll watch the Bike World clip….
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  5. Prefer Chris at Bike Workd to the MCN offeringsTBF
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  6. Bikes should be fun first and foremost. This looks to be as good as it gets.

    I see people spending nearly half the cost of this bike on exhaust systems and expensive trinkets that add nothing to the riding pleasure. It's each to their own but the reviews of this bike do make it sound exceptional.
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  7. I want, no....need one. I don't think I'm Ducati's demographic for this thing lol.
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  8. Me too maybe what Ducati should do is make a DesertX with a Pani V2 motor and supermoto wheels for the older hooligans
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  9. & now my brain is spinning off on that tangent it would be cool if Ducati developed granturismo heads for the Pani V2 motor and used that for their next Multi V2 model etc .
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  10. Here’s the first I’ve seen of it on U.K. roads
  11. so who has one on order, and when will it arrive for you? Although June gets quoted a lot, it looks like April is possible. :upyeah::motorcycleduc:
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  12. April has been quoted yes (he says rubbing his hands in expectation) :upyeah:
    Thanks for the tipoff ;)
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  13. This thing looks f*cking insane.
    Looks like as much fun as any two wheels can give.

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  14. Surely the 939/950 already hold that honour...? Maybe it's just so much lighter?
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  15. Loads lighter (150kg) and the very latest electronics.
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  16. Looking forward to something lighter than the 821. Being able to switch between the various modes on that bike was pretty revolutionary at the time but it was weighty compared to a 698.
    The engine looks lovely
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  17. Cycle World’s take on the 698:
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  18. I’ve the superior GasGas with a trellis frame.
    Some are already delivered, unless I’m seeing North American owners with them?

    Personally I wouldn’t buy one based on its list price. Paid 7k for my GasGas700, I love Ducatis but where in heavens does the 5k premium come from.
    Can have similar electronics on a KTM 790 at £6995 list.

    I may try one as a demo and see but the Ducati is aced by the KTM/Husq/GG trio with torque.

    Are you tempted Chris?
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  19. So why oh why can we not have this in a retro trellis frame... and bikini fairing... I don't want a supermotard, I want a Supermono...
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  20. Didn’t the Supermono have a full fairing? But yes;)
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