Hypermotard - Discontinued?

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Bartebde, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Are you sure? I thought they are being dropped because sales are poor... Still the true test of whether a bike is really in demand is when one appears on the wall @Exige 's place!
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  2. Although Ducati made a huge tranche of 916/748/996/998 spares available to dealers in 2005/6, many spares for these bikes are still readily available to order today. If the Hypermotard is to be discontinued, I would not be worried about the supply of spare parts for several years. Andy
  3. And if we really get stuck for parts, I'm sure we can count on Elitesuperbike dude to have a stockpile of "one off" rare parts ;)
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  4. You won’t be stuck for parts for years yet, but they are definitely not being made anymore. The feeling amongst Ducati, KTM etc. is that the big Supermoto market is dying, it’s about Adventure bikes and supernakeds now
  5. Yeah I’m not stressing about parts. I’m just looking forward to owning one. Only ever had sports bikes so hoping the tard will be a hoot :)
  6. Ten times more funny than sports bike
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  7. It amazes me how false information gets out.. Respectfully, how can you say they are being discontinued when Ducati hasn't even had the yearly event for new information? Even dealers are clueless at this point as to what the new year brings. No disrespect, but misleading information makes no sense , I mean , unless you know someone in Ducati cooperate or something.
    I would love to hear where you are getting your information from, I guarantee it is not an official website or person from Ducati cooperate saying this??
    Sorry man, I have read things like this in the past that definitely were not true. I will believe it after the event in Nov.
  8. Yes I know somebody who works for Ducati, are you happy now ?
  9. I know some people that work for Ducati and they have no clue. Like I said, unless someone in cooperate spilled the bean and took a chance on losing their job, I highly doubt what you are saying is true..
  10. Really?

    You put this out, or at least promoted it did you not? It is false, it will be no more, we know stuff …………….:eyes:

    There are many people with factory contacts and the one I heard from is always correct, and he's there now - it is no more, no longer a Hyper, it's an ex Hyper, vamoosh, dodo, extinct, gone... :yum
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  11. Cooperate? what do you mean be this? They are not building any anymore in the factory, finished...
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  12. Dude, relax. I simply asked if they were going to be discontinued. I never said , like you that they will be. Nobody has a clue as what's to come. So yeah, I don't believe you, it is impossible for you to predict the future, just get over it..
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  13. Erm, you asked if they were being discontinued? I am totally relaxed. You got your answer and didn't like the answer, no problem here :):upyeah:

    You do know how automotive factories work, how far in advance they are planned and such like no? Obviously not. Seek someone cooperate to ask whatever that means :):upyeah:
  14. I guess we will find out in Nov.. I really don't care if the next years model is a 939 or some other style number, but I am pretty sure that the Motard won't go anywhere anytime soon.

    Is the clear Jose ?
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  16. Amended for you :):upyeah:
  17. Bigger and in Red perhaps :thinkingface:

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  18. Seriously, that is BS.. Nov is the date Don't lose sleep bud, relaaaaaaaaxx..
  19. Are you one of those nutters...………… :eyes:

  20. Whatever that means ????
    Man, I am sorry I asked the question. Usually you get great responses and of course other times you get the know it all people that just talk out of their a.. .