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Hypermotard Gallery

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. I think that is the full termi like I have


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  2. Looks nice
    Getting my wheels back from the painters tomorrow
    Will post up a few pics when the bikes back together
  3. Picked up the freshly painted Tard wheels. Proper nice job by Terry at Racepaint UK



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  4. Blingtastic :cool:



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  5. Hey Andy800
    I really like gold colored rims. Looks great. Can you tell what kind of varnish is used, as well as the varnish code for the specific color?
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  6. Thanks buddy.
    Not sure what lacquer the painter used. The gold is Honda Oro, they look great in the flesh. I picked from the sample cards the painter had. Bit of a calculated risk as the paint swatch is only 1” square.
  7. They do indeed look mint!
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  8. B47AA7B2-18F4-4E17-909F-FEF0CF06D9A2.jpeg 10 hours and 300 miles first ride
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  9. Hyper Strada?
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  10. My beast... the 939 !

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  11. Sure, let me know if want any more



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  12. 716D6EB9-875A-43BC-8FD1-E7AA48BF5745.jpeg
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  13. Andy
    Red, white, and gold are so beautiful ;)
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  14. My hyper catching its breath after two blasts over the mountain during the sunny Sunday of the classic TT
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  15. Hillberry
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  16. 4BB4F86A-506A-469D-A28E-54315678155C.jpeg 492E129B-90AA-4FAA-A225-009F3C4F3E69.jpeg

    So i wrapped my hypermotard , her new name is #PurpleMotard
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  17. Anyone fitted a saddle bag to a Hyper? Not finding any images and this would throw a spanner in the works for I don't like riding with backpacks and wouldn't want to fit a top box to one
  18. I haven't saddle bagged it but did panniers for Belgium this year, SW Motech soft bags. Check out their website, it should point you in the right direction. Mine are Blaze but looks like there are a few to choose from
    I did need to swap out my high level pipe
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  19. Thanks Andy. Was aware of that option but was just hoping I could just fit a saddle bag over the passenger seat. I'm a stickler for keeping these as light as possible
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