I Made It Into Fast Bikes.!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by comfysofa, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. The Vespa, obviously. She is a beauty, I don't blame you, comfy. :) Have another on me. :innocent:

  2. Looks great mte..

    My i mac’s Desktop is this..


    SC Pramac Hyper..

    Who did the seat cover?

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  3. You’ve done well there... Each to their own obv but me, I’d have gone single pipe personally..
    it’s an eye catcher though muchly well very done x
  4. At least it gets used :eyes:
  5. Thats gotta be
    Dya know - i was half thinking (pardon the pun) to order the link pipe and tail pipe to convert it so i could have either, or....
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  6. :motorcycleduc: :eyes:
  7. That is, probably the nastiest thing ive seen on two wheels for a long time :)
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  8. Great minds think muchly alike... well sometimes..x
  9. Just don’t ride it mate wearing a hoodie... Cops are knocking scooter riders off for laughs at the mo..

    You could fit a large pizza box on the back to act as a deterrent I guess..

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  10. She’s all Truly beautiful mte, just like you...
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  11. Gorgeous,love hypers,love my 939sp
  12. Nice job Comfy. Well done getting it into the mag.
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  13. Beaut! As a Hyper nut it isn't a hard sell, but it is a seriously neat job you've done there!
  14. loving the 'comfy sofas hypermotard' lol
  15. Proper looking machine Mr. Sofa :upyeah:
  16. Well done comfy - looks superb. Apologies I’ve been absent from forum for a while as I was locked out of my account amongst other things (Tapatalk not working and still not for me). As you will see from my avatar I’m still sporting my new 1100 evo so....
  17. where did you get the belly pan? @comfysofa looks nice!!
  18. I was thinking the same myself!
  19. Standard ducati part gents....had one on my old evo and the s before that...
  20. Nice. Just found them listed on ebay. @comfysofa does it keep the underside clean or make it more difficult to clean?