939 SP I Shall Call Her Davina......

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Redrick, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. What a stunningly good bike it is

    Picked it up this morning and not stopped grinning

    Sadly the Termi is having to wait until 1st Service

    Any way heres a couple of pics

    [​IMG]Ducati 939 SP by Rick Midgley, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Ducati 939 SP by Rick Midgley, on Flickr
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  2. Cool :cool:

    The bike: not the Davina bit :)
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  3. Love my mutley but can't stop looking at these things...
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  4. Great bikes! I love mine. Enjoy!
  5. My respect for Davina shot up when she was doing a challenge programme I don't remember the name of.
    This enormous, lairy black guy bottled out of bungee jumping out of a chopper over the Grand Canyon.
    The deal was that if he didn't do it, she had to and she barely hesitated - respect...
  6. IMG_1616.JPG Do love mine aswell
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  7. Im the same, took one out for a spin the same day i rode the 1299, went for the latter but still yearn for an SP.
  8. beautiful looking bike, just don't name it........ :cool:
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  9. Will look better when the gold OZ wheels arrive
  10. I've named mine Bastard when it doesn't start.
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  11. Looks like you should call her Theresa.
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  12. i cheated and had the originals powder coated gold
  13. LMAO!!! true dat!! Hadn't noticed but now you've said, can't stop fecking laughing :grinning:
  14. Sleep till Brooklyn?
  15. ??? Had a fair bit of wine but still??
  16. Don't leave your helmet like that mine fell off they sound like a bomb going off when they hit the floor
  17. His already has, hence the swelling.