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  1. Fair play to this young 8 year old For proving the theory :)

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  2. Nice to see a youngster being allowed to push the boundaries in these days of cotton wool wrapped molly codling.
    Good luck to him, one of life's future achievers.
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  3. Fantastic.....love it.
  4. Absolute hero.
    I would never let my kid do that though, largely down to my genes!
  5. There comes a time in most men's lives where they have to face up to the fact that need the next waist size up. . . Oh, genes!
  6. Absolutely Brilliant...

    I suggested my daughters went for a little bike ride the other day when they complained they were bored in the house and they looked at me like I had two heads :joy::joy::joy:

    My parents struggled to keep me in the house when I was there age and now it's a struggle to get them to leave the house at times!
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  7. Great share, thought the first try would of winded him'
  8. I admire how he just gets up, brush's the dirt off and laughs about it before trying again....good attitude :upyeah:
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  9. Great attitude and courage. :)
  10. Top stuff - my kids'd start crying if one of them dropped their phone on their feet...
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  11. When I think of some of the things we did and places we went when we were younger, it was maybe OK at the time, but the world has changed. :( There was a large wood not far from where we lived in which you could easily get immersed in, we'd be in there all day, unsupervised, in total innocence. Has the world changed that much, or just my perception of it, that thinks that any child of mine would not be allowed to do that these days? :worried:

    Mind you, kids staying in these days is a little different when they have all their creature comforts. We had nothing in the house and had to make our own entertainment. :cool:
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  12. Great to see, when I was a kid, I, and my friends were left to entertain ourselves, I grew up on a 18,000 acre semi High-Country Sheep Station, we did all sorts, my parents would have no idea where I was from about 7 in the morning to about 10 at night over the summer holidays, we climbed to the top of 80 year Pine Trees, about 60 - 80 metres tall, the Northern border of the Station is the Takitimu Mountain Range so we climbed all over them, including to the highest Peak, approx. 2200m above sea level, I got my motorbike at 7 years old so was all over the place all of the time doing whatever I pleased, started driving 4WDs at aged 10 unsupervised, was a great place to grow up, even here in rural NZ you would struggle to find kids with that level of freedom and autonomy nowadays, it is a shame.


    This is a sample of the type of country I'm talking about. Still think of it as home. This photo is taken from the neighbours place.
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  13. Evidently there have always been the same percentage of demented sickos around , maybe it was not spoken about so much in years gone by?, it does seem odd though, I was allowed by my very caring parents to be off all day in the woods etc, that would be in the 70’s, but there was no way I would have allowed my daughter to be unsupervised all day in the 90’s, but I guess it’s just a media thing, i.e my parents generation just we’re just not as aware as we are now, a police officer friend of mine scared me to death when he warned me that within 4 miles of our house there were 3 known paedophiles!, we live in a nice area and I asked him why so many so close by, he said it’s the same all over the UK and our area was by no means exceptional, jeez!.