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Independent Workshop Map

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by efcbluepete, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. I think east of edinbro is the forth and north sea. an independent in Edinburgh? nice one, I didn't know that. I got mates there.
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  2. North, in Forfar :):upyeah:
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  3. You sure? :D
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  4. aye, pretty sure of everything in that post. but i'm fully prepared for the minutia that will ensue.
    anyways, always looking to save some dough and have a wee night out.
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  5. I was just happy to give you an unknown to you specialist fin, I didn't doubt you had a mate @Exige :D
  6. Well I didn’t mean due east, just east of a north-south line, so the other side of Edinburgh from Glasgow
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  7. Due North :yum
  8. I`m not sure what I am doing wrong but I`m failing in my attempt to add RPM Bikes in Northampton and Scorpio Racing in Bedford to the map. Would someone more competent please add them for me ?
  9. More roughly NNE I would say;
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  10. furryboots is forfar, its nae to far fae finbar.
  11. Forfar - four, East Fife - five :D
  12. a lot further gang via foxbar.
  13. Fit aboot Fordoun?
  14. nah, it would cost a fortune to go via fordoun.
  15. Don't even mention Fordyce :bucktooth:
  16. :p
    careful, they tend to frown when acting the clown.
  17. It's even further - close to the Broch min....
  18. You're a poet,
    And didn't even know it.....
  19. aye, good with the words me.
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