Inlet Valve From What ? Memory Let Me Down, Already Got An Answer 3 Years Ago So Just Ignore Me

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  1. I would appreciate the collective’s advice on just which engine this valve if from. It’s 39mm dia; 105.8mm overall length, nominal 7mm stem dia over 75mm of its length, collet groove is 3mm from the end of the stem and is 1.6mm dia. The valve is manufactured by Zanzzi of Italy and the part reference starts with DUC so I think it’s safe to assume it’s for a Ducati. One suggestion has been it’s from a 996RS which ties in with it being from a job lot of ex race bits I bought. TIA, Andy

  2. Memory is a fickle thing. It turns out I asked the same question in 2015 and got the answer. Doh ! Andy
  3. Oh!Its started!!
  4. In my defence, I will be 65 in 7 weeks time. Andy
  5. Are you sure?
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  6. If only it were not so. Andy
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  7. So what's it from???????
  8. I was advised a 1999-2001 996RS. Andy
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