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Insurance Quote For Speciale

Discussion in 'Insurance - Sponsored by Ducati Insurance' started by farmster, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Insurance bit not bike...my car was £52 new last year, £613. This year, its worth £27k (yeah I know, what a fucker!) and they want £665!!

    So I shop around..find price for £520 but I got the start date wrong (its 31st not 30th) s amend and low and behold, goes up £100!! Robbing cunts!.
  2. £570 47 year old 10 years NCB bike trac fitted 3000 miles pa value 26k

    Be moto. Had quotes of 2k at first
  3. I also suggest BeMoto, they insure my S1000XR and Panigale R for a manageable premium; not London and older rider. Also, the Pangale R must have a tracker fitted to be covered.
    Good luck,
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