Iom Tt 2018

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  1. Well, i think that was one of the hottest tt's ive been to....we had a cracking time this up with a few lads (for the last 5 years or so) everyone takes the piss out of each other. They (the other 3) just turn up at the ferry for an emergency place, sit and wait. They always get over...dont know how they do it...! Ive taken the RSV4 now for a good 6 years or so, so next year itll be either the zed or the hyper. Zed cos it does everything brilliantly and is a fucking missile (just about to fit a slipper clutch) but want to take the hyper as its got tons of character plus itll be engine fresh (in about 4 weeks or so) so i think would be quite a crowd draw at Italian night....runs out of steam on the mountain though and is not the most comfortable on long journeys...
  2. I spent half the week greenlaning on the spidery backroads. Absolutely deserted and compared to waiting for the 5 minutes a day that the mountain is open before avoiding being torpedoed by mental Germans with more enthusiasm than talent it was chilled and fun. 4-5 miles of rocky uphill bridleways up to Windy Corner were hilarious, scary and exhausting in equal measures on the 1200GS.

    Each year I find myself dodging the crowds more and more, and enjoying the wild and empty spaces inside the course. Get some knobbies on the Hyper and play in the hills. It's ace! :D
  3. Oooohhh - i wouldnt want to get the hyper dirty, having said that like you, were finding were staying away from the track more and more and the lads we go with seem to know all the backroads to different parts of the track (watched the supersport race from the outside of the track next to a small church (Ballacrea) i think? - there was us and about 6 or so others and that was it but opposite was packed and id say we had the better view....looking forward to more of that next year...
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  4. Windy corner was kind of deserted... this was for the lightweight race / sidecars practice / senior practice


    Within a few mins walk was some chance for up-close action, and arty shots too :)

    IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1200.JPG IMG_1219.JPG
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  5. I only rode the course once , that wax the week before practice week, if I got out of the paddock I’d ride over the top of the south Burrell, as good as the mountain but no bikes , also the back roads to ballacraine . I don’t like busy
  6. Yep - windy corner....our favorite place on the whole island. We tend to go up there (bag full of junk food, cake and hot beverages) talk bollocks and watch people rag the shit out of stuff....i really cant think of a better place. Our lot are constantly taking the piss out of each other which seems to entertain other people around...
  7. One of the best TT's I've been to for a long long time. The weather, the racing and riding all spot on.

    I did 900 mile in a week. I got over the mountain 5 times but didn't start doing laps until Thursday, I prefer to let the furore of the first race weekend die down a bit if possible.

    The mountain was only part of it though, I've been all over the island on main roads and back roads.

    The run from Kirk Michael to peel and then through Glen maye over the tops to port erin was always quiet and a great ride.

    Great week had... Roll on the classic TT... Where the riding is even better in truth.
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