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916 Is It A 916 Sps?

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by FirePhil, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Ok then, finally my dream of having a 916 in the garage has been achieved. Now before we start, I don't care what it is, as its mine and it's a ducati! BUT....
    Those aren't 3 spoke gold wheels,
    The side panels aren't original as the battery holder makes it stick out.
    There is carbon everywhere, air filter box, undertray, front headlight mount,
    Red brembo caps for clutch, brake and coolant.
    Ohlins rear shock and steering damper.
    Is registered as a '98, but the frame indicates a '97. Any wise ducatista sages care to shed some light! 20190115_225746.jpg 20190115_233347.jpg
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  2. E-mail the Frame and Engine number and ask Ducati Italy.
    [email protected]

    They will tell you what it left the factory as :)
  3. Wheels look like Magnesium 5 spokes - nicer than the original 3 spokes - but if going back to standard you will get more for these than the 3 spokes will cost...
  4. You the Man! Will do tomorrow. Missus just walked in from work!:upyeah:
  5. I thought there was an SPS that came with 5 spoke magnesium in 1998! ;)
  6. its a shed is what it is lol

    looks like 50mm system, should have plaque on the yoke, Öhlins rear shock, panels are early ones I think which would be 916sps if it was, 65mm callipers and showa forks, discs should be full floating iron, carbon airbag & front mudguard

    Only sps with mag was Foggy rep IIRC, rest are 3 or 5 spoke alli, 996sps had 5 spoke
  7. Wheels look like 998 or mulitstrada ones, only 916 shape bike to have mag wheels from the factory was the 916/955 racing.
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  8. Post #2 is the way to go forward with this one for the correct answer,but first things first does the frame and engine numbers match up with the v5 document:thinkingface: also could it be as simple as manufactured in 1997 but registered in the uk in 1998 for the road.and remember alot of ducatis had period upgrades and this could be that motorbike.
  9. Not 998 as they are not ribbed o_O could be early multi though :thinkingface:
    I loves a mystery, but whatever it is, he’s happy and that’s what counts here :):upyeah:
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  10. Agree:upyeah: and don't listen to the moaners in life:upyeah:
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  11. Don't think early multi front would fit, as the disc was very different
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  12. SPS main difference is the engine, IIRC it has different pickups for the ECU. A pic of the LH side of the engine would show this.
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  13. And P8 ECU under seat, although don't know if any other 996 had that at that age
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  14. It looks like it needs a bit of love, has it been kept outside, hope you get plenty of enjoyment out of her.
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  15. Okley dokley! Dug a bit deeper today, no engine number, as recorded on the V5. Previous owner chanced the top yolk, so no plaque. Exhaust measures 54mm externally.
    Emailed ducati with details today, so fingers crossed! See attatched pics for the inquisitive amongst you! 20190116_144150.jpg 20190116_144347.jpg 20190116_144150.jpg 20190116_144347.jpg

  16. Interesting clocks. No engine number? Removed or just simply blank?
  17. It's got 2 crank sensors though!!
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  18. Not sure Ducati will give info if only one number, they usually want both. As said above - has the number been filed away or is the casing untouched where the engine number should be and still a rough casting finish? If so it could be either a development or race engine with no number... or just had new crank cases fitted at some time.

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