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Featured Is This A Thing Of Beauty?!

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by John - Ducati Bournemouth, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. Hi,

    We’ve just bought this little beauty.
    A fantastic ride. I can’t wait to take it out for a proper run!

    What are your thoughts? Is yellow your thing?!

    53B2DBF0-9722-4D06-956C-C35FB49DABEE.jpeg 2D1B10D8-B767-41C8-82FF-9015C21F1772.jpeg 7AC3E43A-4766-4571-AAD1-B6061BF39C9E.jpeg D3576BE3-34C8-4AF3-9EA1-99E3B3054374.jpeg B2945148-85FB-48E8-B02F-2B45454996C3.jpeg 6B41F7DA-0B2C-4885-B36D-75235A953C19.jpeg 9BE3A681-C5DB-41AE-9E71-3616227CFE31.jpeg 5D1B0DE2-ADCF-4FA7-AF3A-A2F277788C47.jpeg
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  2. Yellow is just fine ....as an under coat...
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  3. Best colour
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  4. Yellow should always go on the lower capacity Ducati’s IMO.
  5. That’s an interesting view point. Not thought of that before.
    I’m interested why?
  6. On account of in my youth Blue Suzuki AP50’s we’re always faster than Red, it’s a lazy way to identify a bike potential speed.;)
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  7. Not sure about the polished heel guards. Do you have a photo of the rear sub frame ? Andy
  8. Hi Andy. Not at the mo but I’ll get one.
    Why do you ask?
  9. To ponder all the time I spent as a youth polishing Aluminium and Chrome……..
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  10. So...we wanted to add this to our ever growing collection to demonstrate that we'll be selling Ducati's of all age and value as I get asked regularly at Poole Quay Bike Night! It's had some paint and we're going to be doing some light detailing (without losing it's nice, age related patina!) and it'll have pride of place, fully MOT'd and 'good to go' in our cafe once we open. It's an import and was never intended as a collectors must-have but we just liked the fact that it's a very standard and honest example that rides really nicely......and it's yellow;) When you come in for your coffee, panini-gale, multi-strudel or scrambler eggs (see what we've done there but we'll never get away with it :D) she'll be on display until someone fancies it for themselves!
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  11. A small number of early 748R rear subframes suffered failures which resulted in the addition of a bracing bar welded to the subframe in 2001. I can’t remember if there was a recall or not but posts on here from owners when the subject was raised, indicate that there are still some out there without damage but it’s something that, IMO, should be checked. Andy
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  12. Ducati is red and faster simples
    Let you off yellow as you have a bin included :D

    yellow is for bananas and custard :D
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  13. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
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  14. 20220508_184411.jpg
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  15. 2000 model with an Ohlins fitted and registered in '04?

    Yellow is perfect
  16. id love to see this in the flesh. It’s gloriou
    I’d love to see this in the flesh. It’s glorious
  17. Yellow was the only colour you could buy in the UK in 2000. Andy
  18. You can’t beat a good bin pic! It’s called industrial art
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  19. Indeed! Was wondering about the 54 plate and the Ohlins :)
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