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Is This Legit...

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Ash Hussain, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. I have 8 X 6 plates on mine rather than the 9 x 7. Still illegal but so far I have got away with it.
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  2. Lol. Very true.
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  3. If it helps with They,...... as a bit of an unwritten rule

    1 Legal
    2 aesthetically good not legal but readable with ANPR
    3 taking the piss......either in size, shite reflective stuff, shite spacing, or trying to make it into something its not....

    motor bike plates should be on two lines

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  4. According to the motorcycle MOT inspection manual direction indicators must have minimum separation distance between the illuminating surfaces of 240mm at the front and 180mm at the rear for solo motorcycles. Whilst this prevents you from having a single integrated brake light and indicator unit you can have integrated ones like some Harley’s where they are located either side of the number plate.
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  5. I think it depends on attitude both yours and the porkers at the time, my mate got charged which he wasn’t happy about. He was on his way back from the factors with a legal set on the passenger seat ready to be fitted, didn’t help him.

    AFAIK there isn’t an actual plate size minimum but there is a minimum letter size which then dictates it’s size.
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  6. These days when i'm stopped it's Yes officer how can i help you sir,Yes be polite and leave the funny comments down the pub.:upyeah:...fingers crossed you might just win them over.
  7. I don’t often encounter the Porkers on a talking basis these days, my most memorable occasion was when they blocked the road with 4 jam rags......
  8. Sounds like a solo version of Thelma & Louise road trip.:upyeah:
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  9. I really don't get why the spacing/ font/ plate size is an issue. I have been busted for speeding via camera, so the ANPR can definitely read small plates, with a different font, and totally wrong spacing.

    As for the bollox about the maker of the plate being written at the bottom, seemingly the ANPR camera was able to do its job without that too.

    Britain (government & police) should just relax and stop fretting about silly rules. This type of nonsensical rubbish makes some people question & doubt all the rules which does not benefit anyone.

    BTW. I'm not complaining about the speeding ticket. I was doing 45 in a 40 on a dual lane road (four lanes in total). In an area without any houses, with almost zero chance of causing any danger or issues to other vehicles. In five years (work commute) I have never seen a pedestrian on the wide pavement so they are not really a consideration besides I doubt they would mind if I passed them at 50mph!
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  10. if it helps i dont care whether you get it or not! ....... campaign to Boris to get it changed like all the other stuff......oh hang on, No lets just moan on here...:rolleyes:
  11. Andy, my mother always said if you haven't got something nice (constructive or useful) to say, its best to say nothing at all. She is right.

    Incidentally you have no idea whether any of the people who complain here about Doris & Co are actively involved in campaigning for reform, change or another political party. I also think its perhaps worth pointing out; I have found through experience -possibly you have aswell- that people pass their judgments on others based on what they do themselves.

    Anyhow you have great evening.
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  12. Or cry elsewhere eh, moan on here about folk moaning...priceless
  13. oh hello your girlfriend got a voice....
  14. I have a girlfriend...you found her, good detective work you should consider a career in crime prevention.....
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  15. Never judge others by your own standards.

    Tis a mistake I tell thee.
  16. There should be some good opportunities coming up soon, presumably once the liars in Manchester are sacked without pensions (like that will ever happen). The force which reduces the crime rate by 20% because they FAKE the number of reported crimes! Deliberately not recording 80,000 crimes.

    What a joke -if those clowns were in any other type of business they would be investigated by the police charged with fraud.

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  17. It is a great shame to find out that no organisation is safe from corruption, sometimes it’s hardly any different to the Mafia is it? No one should be above scrutiny and criticism, all these god-like people strutting on this earth do tend to get my goat.
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  18. A7C77E3C-C2A4-4FCB-9044-96839C6E6DC6.jpeg
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